Hol­ly­wood beckons for Ka­lan­ji

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The brig­ht lig­hts of Hol­ly­wood are becko­ning Ka­lan­ji Roelf­se and the lu­re is ir­re­sis­ti­ble. He re­cent­ly ar­ri­ved back in South A­fri­ca from Hol­ly­wood, Los An­ge­les, in the USA af­ter com­pe­ting in the co­ve­ted sho­w­ca­se Hol­ly­wood’s Next Star.

Roelf­se, a mar­ke­ting stu­dent at NMU in Ge­or­ge, was e­la­ted at ha­ving rub­bed shoul­ders with Hol­ly­wood ta­lent scouts. “I com­pe­ted in acting, sin­ging, dan­cing and mo­del­ling a­gainst so­me of the wor­ld’s be­st. Con­te­stants we­re cho­sen from coun­tries a­cross the wor­ld and we­re chal­len­ged to sho­w­ca­se their ta­lents for Hol­ly­wood’s be­st ta­lent a­gents, cas­ting di­rec­tors and ta­lent scouts/ma­na­gers.”

Roe­lof­se tells how it ca­me a­bout that he caug­ht the eye of lo­cal ta­lent scouts. “In May I at­ten­ded acting au­di­ti­ons in Ca­pe Town w­he­re fi­ve South A­fri­cans out of

460 con­te­stants we­re cho­sen by a re­cruit­ment a­gen­cy cal­led Hol­ly­wood Dre­ams to vi­sit A­me­ri­ca to com­pe­te. I had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to go to Hol­ly­wood and sho­w­ca­se my ta­lent to so­me of Hol­ly­wood’s be­st a­gen­cies. The e­vent took pla­ce from 11 to 13 Au­gust at the Hol­ly­wood Roo­se­veldt Ho­tel, on Hol­ly­wood Bou­le­vard, un­der le­a­ders­hip of ce­le­bri­ty co­ach Da­niel Sa­mo­nas.”

Most ex­ci­ting

Roelf­se said, “The wee­kend was by far one of the most stress­ful, yet bliss­ful ex­pe­rien­ces of my en­ti­re li­fe. I had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ha­ve my child­hood dre­am either co­me true or va­nish in front of my ey­es. The Sun­day af­ter the au­di­ti­ons, we re­cei­ved cal­l­backs and the­re we­re three a­gen­cies wan­ting to sign me and of­fer re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on, being the pres­ti­gi­ous MGMT Ar­tis­ts, Tru­sik Ta­lent Ma­na­ge­ment and In­da­soul En­ter­tai­n­ment A­gen­cy. “My plan now is to com­ple­te t­his y­e­ar of stu­dies at NMU be­fo­re mo­ving to Los An­ge­les in Ja­nu­a­ry 2018 to com­men­ce my acting ca­reer in Los An­ge­les.” His stu­dent f­riends ha­ve gi­ven him the thumbs up and are im­pres­sed by the pho­tos he had ta­ken to pro­ve that the­re are plen­ty of gla­mo­rous gi­rls a­bout.

He is des­pe­ra­te­ly keen to be­co­me an ac­tor and plans to ta­ke les­sons with one of the be­st Hol­ly­wood schools, Mi­chel­le Dan­ner Los An­ge­les Acting School.

Ka­lan­ji Roelf­se on the fa­mous streets of Hol­ly­wood, Los An­ge­les. Ka­lan­ji with so­me of the ot­her con­te­stants who al­so re­cei­ved cal­l­backs by ta­lent scouts.

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