Drugs and al­co­hol still main cul­prits in cri­me

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Drug and al­co­hol a­bu­se was, on­ce a­gain, sing­led out as the ma­jor cau­se of cri­me in the Sout­hern Ca­pe du­ring a cri­me sta­tis­ti­cs me­dia brie­fing on Tu­es­day 31 Oc­to­ber w­he­re E­den Clus­ter Com­man­der, Maj-Gen Oswald Red­dy, a­na­ly­sed the va­ri­ous in­cre­a­ses and de­cre­a­ses in cri­me in the dis­trict.

Ac­cor­ding to the trends, George was the most pro­ble­ma­tic sta­ti­on with so­me se­ri­ous and pro­per­ty-re­la­ted cri­mes such as rob­be­ry at non-re­si­den­ti­al pre­mi­ses, theft of a mo­tor vehi­cle, theft out or from a mo­tor vehi­cle, com­mer­ci­al cri­me mos­t­ly in­ter­net re­la­ted - ge­ne­ral theft and shop­lif­ting.

T­he­se cri­mes es­ca­la­ted and most in­ci­dents took pla­ce in the CBD. T­hem­ba­let­hu, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly Zo­ne 6, sho­wed the hig­hest num­ber of mur­ders, mos­t­ly af­ter 22:00 on Sun­day e­ve­nings.

W­hat be­ca­me of the new in­ta­ke of con­sta­bles?

Most of last y­e­ar's in­ta­ke of new po­li­ce con­sta­bles we­re de­ploy­ed in George.

The ot­her sta­ti­ons in the a­rea, Con­vil­le, T­hem­ba­let­hu and Pa­calts­dorp, did not di­rect­ly re­cei­ve any of the new mem­bers.

W­hen as­ked how this in­flu­en­ces the sta­tis­ti­cs, Red­dy ex­plai­ned that the pro­vin­ci­al com­mis­si­o­ner has a dis­cre­ti­on to re­de­ploy re­sour­ces ba­sed on the con­tri­bu­ti­on of cri­me from e­ach sta­ti­on. George, Oudts­hoorn and Knys­na we­re i­den­ti­fied as three of the hig­hest con­tri­bu­ting sta­ti­ons to o­ver­all cri­me. Alt­hough not in the top ten, they are in the top 30 in the coun­try. Ac­cor­ding to Red­dy, the re­dis­tri­bu­ti­on of re­sour­ces had to fo­cus on the pri­o­ri­ty of the com­mis­si­o­ner. "W­hen he took of­fi­ce he in­tro­du­ced a four-pil­lar ap­pro­ach to po­li­cing in the pro­vin­ce: Back to Ba­si­cs, Part­ners­hips, Fo­cu­sed Ap­pro­ach and Ser­vi­ce De­li­very. The sta­ti­ons that we­re mo­re pro­ble­ma­tic had to be beefed up to re­du­ce the o­ver­all vo­lu­mes of cri­me."

Clus­ter cri­me com­ba­ting te­ams ha­ve been es­ta­blis­hed and ma­ny of the new in­ta­ke ha­ve been dra­wn to t­he­se te­ams that work at any po­li­ce sta­ti­on a­cross the clus­ter.

All 13 sta­ti­ons be­ne­fit from t­he­se te­ams.

Sexu­al of­fen­ces re­main a he­a­da­che

Sexu­al of­fen­ces re­main one of the main con­cerns in the a­rea with Con­vil­le, Oudts­hoorn, George and Knys­na un­der the top 30 con­tri­bu­tors in the coun­try. Most of t­he­se we­re re­por­ted in Knys­na. This is cer­tain­ly a cau­se for con­cern, but Maj-Gen Red­dy said it can al­so be an in­di­ca­ti­on of mo­re victims re­por­ting t­he­se cri­mes and that ef­forts by the po­li­ce to cre­a­te a­wa­re­ness

a­round re­por­ting t­he­se of­fen­ces are paying off.

He said that t­he­se of­fen­ces, ho­we­ver, re­main a chal­len­ge and one of the big­ge­st con­cerns is the a­ges of the victims and per­pe­tra­tors. "It is dif­fi­cult for po­li­ce, as most in­ci­dents occur ind­oors and ma­ny are still not re­por­ted."

Alt­hough mur­der in the Sout­hern Ca­pe de­cre­a­sed by 12% (18 ca­ses fe­wer than last y­e­ar's 150) and at­temp­ted mur­der by 0,2% (38 ca­ses fe­wer than the pre­vi­ous y­e­ar's 119) most ot­her con­tact cri­mes, such as as­sault with the in­tent to cau­se grie­vous bo­di­ly harm (as­sault GBH), com­mon as­sault and ag­gra­va­ted rob­be­ry sho­wed an in­cre­a­se at most sta­ti­ons.

Ac­cor­ding to Red­dy, al­co­hol is a big ge­ne­ra­tor of most con­tact cri­mes."W­hen pe­op­le con­su­me too much al­co­hol they can be­co­me the victim or the per­pe­tra­tor. Pe­op­le com­mit rob­be­ry to get mo­ney to buy al­co­hol and in most ca­ses they be­co­me vi­o­lent. Pe­op­le who con­su­me al­co­hol and be­co­me victims of cri­me are de­fen­ce­less and e­a­sy tar­gets."

Alt­hough va­ri­ous pro­jects, which in­clu­de the An­ti Ra­pe and Re­spon­si­ble D­rin­king cam­paigns, ha­ve been i­ni­ti­a­ted to ad­dress spe­ci­fic cri­mes, he still ur­ges the com­mu­ni­ty to re­port all cri­mes.

P­ho­tos: K­ris­ty Kol­berg

From left are Lt Col Ri­chard Ton­kin, Col C­li­ve Kap­tein, Maj-Gen Oswald Red­dy, Col De­rek Da­niels and Capt Mal­colm Po­jie af­ter the me­dia brie­fing on Tu­es­day mor­ning.

E­den Clus­ter Com­man­der, Maj-Gen Oswald Red­dy

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