The Vi­si­o­na­ry: 20% off on all fra­mes and sung­las­ses

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W­hen The Vi­si­o­na­ry Op­to­me­tris­ts re­lo­ca­ted its pre­mi­ses to the Eco Cen­t­re in He­at­her­lands two mont­hs ago, an o­pe­ning pro­mo­ti­on of­fe­red all clien­te­le 20% off on all ran­ges of fra­mes, which could still be u­sed in con­juncti­on with their re­gu­lar pro­mo­ti­o­nal of­fers.

The Vi­si­o­na­ry Op­to­me­tris­ts o­pe­ned their doors in 2008 and ha­ve al­ways been pro­acti­ve in of­fe­ring pro­tecti­ve tin­ting. C­lients can re­cei­ve a free co­lour chan­ging tint on sin­gle-vi­si­on, bi­fo­cal and mul­ti­fo­cal len­ses af­ter a com­pre­hen­si­ve eye ex­am and the pur­cha­se of a new fra­me. T­heVi­si­o­na­ry al­so of­fers a free set of cle­ar len­ses in any de­sign in con­juncti­on with the pur­cha­se of an i­den­ti­cal set of po­la­ri­sed len­ses.

The new practi­ce, si­tu­a­ted next to the Wim­py, re­cei­ved such an o­ver­w­hel­ming re­spon­se on the 20% dis­count on all fra­mes that a de­ci­si­on was ma­de to ex­tend the of­fer until 15 De­cem­ber. "Ma­ny ha­ve me­di­cal aids that are ne­ar de­ple­ti­on and the fra­me dis­count u­sed in con­juncti­on with one of our pro­mo­ti­ons e­na­bles a­nyo­ne to ha­ve an af­for­da­ble choi­ce of ey­e­we­ar," says An­ri­ët­te Be­ster, op­to­me­trist and o­w­ner of The Vi­si­o­na­ry.

The Vi­si­o­na­ry is pro-acti­ve in of­fe­ring com­pre­hen­si­ve eye ex­a­mi­na­ti­ons and re­cent­ly a­cqui­red a sta­te-of-the-art fun­dus ca­me­ra. "This al­lows us to do­cu­ment and mo­ni­tor pro­gres­si­on in di­se­a­sed eye con­di­ti­ons such as di­a­be­tes and glau­co­ma," says Be­ster.

She has furt­he­red her stu­dies in di­a­be­tic re­ti­no­pathy and has re­cent­ly qua­li­fied with a pos­t­gra­du­a­te qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on in o­cu­lar di­ag­nos­ti­cs from the U­ni­ver­si­ty of Jo­han­nes­burg. "The­re is no re­a­son not to re­cei­ve the be­st in eye ca­re and ey­e­we­ar at an af­for­da­ble pri­ce," says Be­ster.

Pa­tients may con­tact The Vi­si­o­na­ry on 044 870 0879.

The Vi­si­o­na­ry’s new pre­mi­ses in the Eco Cen­t­re, He­at­her­lands (next to Wim­py).

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