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George Herald - - NEWS - Mi­chel­le Pie­naar

Ge­or­ge will on­ly ha­ve a full deck of di­rec­tors so­me ti­me in the new y­e­ar. Cur­rent­ly on­ly three of the eig­ht di­rec­to­ra­tes at Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty are being he­a­ded by di­rec­tors. The­se are Com­mu­ni­ty De­ve­lop­ment (Wal­ter Hen­dricks), Fi­nan­ci­al Ser­vi­ces (Keith Jor­daan) and Ci­vil and Techni­cal Ser­vi­ces (Reg­gie Wes­so).

The ap­point­ment of di­rec­tors for three ot­her de­part­ments, Hu­man Sett­le­ments, Plan­ning and De­ve­lop­ment and Pro­tecti­on Ser­vi­ces, are in the hands of Coun­cil. "In­ter­views we­re con­ducted and we are a­wai­ting an out­co­me re­port for Coun­cil to ma­ke a de­ci­si­on," said Mu­ni­ci­pal Spo­kes­per­son C­han­tal Ed­wards-K­lo­se.

The last ge­ne­ral coun­cil meet­ing of the y­e­ar will be on 29 No­vem­ber. C­har­les Lub­be is cur­rent­ly acting as di­rec­tor for both Hu­man Sett­le­ments and Plan­ning and De­ve­lop­ment, whi­le Wal­ter Hen­dricks is ta­king re­spon­si­bi­li­ty for Pro­tecti­on Ser­vi­ces.

The se­venth di­rec­tor's post - for Cor­po­ra­te Ser­vi­ces - was re-ad­ver­ti­sed and is in the pro­cess to be short­lis­ted. T­heo Rood­man is cur­rent­ly acting in the po­si­ti­on.

Ac­cor­ding to Ed­wards-K­lo­se, an of­fer was ma­de for the the eig­hth po­si­ti­on E­lec­tro­techni­cal Ser­vi­ces - but the can­di­da­te de­cli­ned the of­fer. The po­si­ti­on was re­ad­ver­ti­sed na­ti­o­nal­ly last wee­kend. Ben Au­gust is the acting di­rec­tor.

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