F­ree b­lood su­gar tes­ts at Me­diRi­te

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Me­diRi­te phar­ma­cies a­cross South A­fri­ca will be of­fe­ring f­ree b­lood su­gar tes­ts be­t­ween 9 and 14 No­vem­ber in sup­port of Wor­ld Di­a­be­tes Day on 14 No­vem­ber.

To ma­ke use of this f­ree ser­vi­ce, cu­s­to­mers are ur­ged to ma­ke an ap­point­ment at their ne­a­rest Me­diRi­te, w­he­re a qua­li­fied phar­ma­cist will ad­mi­nis­ter the b­lood su­gar test.

"T­he­re we­re ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 3,5-mil­li­on ca­ses of di­a­be­tes in South A­fri­ca in 2016. Di­a­be­tes now kills mo­re pe­op­le than HIV/AIDS and can­cer to­get­her," says Mar­got M­cCu­mis­ky, na­ti­o­nal ma­na­ger of Di­a­be­tes SA. "Ma­ny pe­op­le with di­a­be­tes do not ha­ve symp­toms, which is why it is im­por­tant to go for b­lood glu­co­se tes­ting. Ear­ly di­ag­no­sis of di­a­be­tes is ex­tre­me­ly im­por­tant for com­pli­ca­ti­ons to be pre­ven­ted or de­lay­ed."

The S­hop­ri­te Group is com­mit­ted to the wel­l­being of the com­mu­ni­ties in which it o­pe­ra­tes, the­re­fo­re f­ree b­lood su­gar tes­ts are a­vai­la­ble at the 147 Me­diRi­te phar­ma­cies con­ve­nient­ly lo­ca­ted in C­hec­kers and S­hop­ri­te su­per­mar­kets a­cross South A­fri­ca. A wi­de ran­ge of di­a­be­tes-friend­ly pro­ducts are al­so a­vai­la­ble in-sto­re.

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