Ae­ri­al dro­ne i­ma­ging spe­ci­fi­cs

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The South A­fri­can Ci­vil A­vi­a­ti­on Aut­ho­ri­ty (SACAA) views any flying dro­ne as an ai­r­craft which must a­bi­de by the sa­me law as man­ned ai­r­craft. Com­mer­ci­al dro­ne o­pe­ra­tors must go through cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and ex­ams. The first step would be get­ting your Re­mo­te Pi­lot’s Li­cen­se (RPL), se­cond would be your Air Ser­vi­ce Li­cen­se (ASL) from the De­part­ment of Trans­port and then the Re­mo­te O­pe­ra­tor’s Cer­ti­fi­ca­te (ROC) from the SACAA. On­ly on­ce you ha­ve t­he­se cer­ti­fi­ca­tes and suit­a­ble in­su­ran­ce may you o­pe­ra­te com­mer­ci­al­ly.

Ad­van­ta­ges of pho­to­gram­me­tric sur­veys

Ae­ri­al i­ma­ge­ry pro­vi­des a per­ma­nent re­cord of the con­di­ti­ons as they ex­is­ted at the ti­me the pho­to­graph was ta­ken.

P­ho­tos can be u­sed to con­vey in­for­ma­ti­on to the ge­ne­ral pu­blic or sta­te or mu­ni­ci­pal a­gen­cies.

Small-sca­le i­ma­ges and/or mo­sai­cs can pro­vi­de a bro­ad o­ver­view of a pro­ject, i­den­ti­fying both to­po­graphic and cul­tu­ral fe­a­tu­res.

Ter­rain da­ta and map­ping fe­a­tu­res can be ex­trac­ted from ste­reo i­ma­ge mo­dels with litt­le ef­fort and at a low cost.

Map­ping and di­gi­tal ter­rain mo­del­ling and con­tours of lar­ge a­re­as can be ac­com­plis­hed quic­ker and at a lo­wer cost w­hen com­pa­red to ground sur­vey met­hods.

P­ho­to­gram­me­try can be u­sed in lo­ca­ti­ons that are dif­fi­cult or im­pos­si­ble to access from the ground.

An ex­pe­rien­ced sur­vey crew can quick­ly tar­get and con­t­rol a pro­po­sed pro­ject sche­du­led for pho­to­gram­me­tric map­ping.

HOBBY | TOY FLIG­HTS Re­stricti­ons

No flying within 10km of an ai­r­port, air­strip or he­lipad

On­ly in day­lig­ht and cle­ar we­at­her

Max­i­mum dro­ne weig­ht of 7kg O­pe­ra­ti­on must be within 500m from pi­lot

O­pe­ra­ti­on may not be within 50m of a per­son, a buil­ding or a pu­blic ro­ad (50m la­te­ral no-fly zo­ne)

The dro­ne must re­main be­low the heig­ht of the hig­hest ob­ject within 300m of the dro­ne, whi­le main­tai­ning vi­su­al sig­ht as well as se­pa­ra­ti­on and a­voi­dan­ce re­spon­si­bi­li­ties

A­rea of flig­ht may be sub­ject to mu­ni­ci­pal or ot­her sta­tu­to­ry con­trols.


In­ju­ry to pu­blic and pro­per­ty Pos­si­ble “fly-a­way” could im­pact air traf­fic in the vi­ci­ni­ty

Col­li­si­on with air traf­fic, es­pe­ci­al­ly e­mer­gen­cy ser­vi­ces o­pe­ra­ting at low le­vel

Fal­ling foul of pri­va­cy and ot­her laws

Lift-off! VPM u­ses a T­rim­ble UX5 pur­po­se-built ae­ri­al map­ping plat­form.

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