S­trong wind turns branch in­to mis­si­le

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Three sis­ters had a gre­at shock last Wed­nes­day, 25 A­pril, w­hen an oak branch cras­hed on­to their car’s windscreen with an al­mig­hty bang.

The unsus­pecting occu­pants we­re wai­ting at a red traf­fic lig­ht on the cor­ner of Cour­te­nay and Cra­dock streets w­hen the branch lan­ded on the bon­net.

The o­w­ner of the VW Ti­quan, Liz Rostan­ce, and her sis­ters Al­ta van Du­ven­ha­ge and Bar­ba­ra La­bu­schag­ne we­re un­hurt.

“We we­re stun­ned by the loud crash as the branch lan­ded on the bon­net, den­ting it and smashing the left front windscreen and front lig­ht,” said Rostan­ce.

Pu­blic li­a­bi­li­ty

Ge­or­ge Di­rec­tor of Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vi­ces Wal­ter Hen­dricks con­fir­med the tree in que­s­ti­on is on mu­ni­ci­pal ground and said the o­w­ner of the vehi­cle has been ad­vi­sed to re­port the in­ci­dent to the po­li­ce, to their own in­su­ran­ce as well as the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty’s in­su­ran­ce de­part­ment.

Ge­or­ge A­fri­fo­rum En­vi­ron­men­tal af­fairs spo­kes­per­son Ti­nus Nor­tjé said the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty should ta­ke re­spon­si­bi­li­ty for the de­ad oak trees in town, par­ti­cu­lar­ly tho­se in the vi­ci­ni­ty of York High S­chool and in U­ni­on S­treet, and ha­ve them re­mo­ved as they pre­sent a pu­blic ha­zard.

P­ho­tos: Pau­li­ne Lou­rens

A da­zed Liz Rostan­ce is com­for­ted by her hus­band Mark af­ter as­ses­sing the da­ma­ge do­ne to her VW Ti­quan w­hen a de­ad oak branch was blo­wn off a tree and fell on the windscreen. INSET: The branch of the oak tree lies on the pa­vement at the cor­ner of Cour­te­nay and Ca­le­don streets.

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