T­hem­ba­let­hu far­mers to be re­lo­ca­ted

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A group of far­mers from T­hem­ba­let­hu that has been wai­ting for the aut­ho­ri­ties to de­ci­de on the fu­tu­re of the land they ha­ve been far­ming on for ma­ny y­e­ars, is to be re­lo­ca­ted within the next two y­e­ars.

T­his was an­noun­ced at a meet­ing be­t­ween the far­mers, a de­le­ga­ti­on from the We­stern Ca­pe De­part­ment of Hu­man

Sett­le­ments and a num­ber of ot­her de­part­ments in T­hem­ba­let­hu on Sa­tur­day 5 May.

The far­mers, re­pre­sen­ted by the T­hem­ba­let­hu Far­mers U­ni­on (U­ma­ny­a­no), ha­ve been pa­tient­ly an­ti­ci­pa­ting an ans­wer from the aut­ho­ri­ties a­bout fu­tu­re plans for erf 197, w­he­re they farm. It is the lar­ge o­pen pro­per­ty in T­hem­ba­let­hu that bor­ders on the Bal­lot’s Bay Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve.

They had their ho­pes on a 2014 de­ve­lop­ment pro­po­sal of the de­part­ment for cre­a­ting a­gri­cul­tu­ral plots for small­s­ca­le far­mers and a com­mu­nal gra­zing a­rea for their li­ves­tock on erf 197. An or­pha­na­ge, pla­ce of wors­hip, tou­rism cen­t­re and a cri­ti­cal bi­o­di­ver­si­ty a­rea for­med part of that pro­po­sal.

Ho­we­ver, the de­part­ment an­noun­ced on Sa­tur­day that it can no lon­ger grant a le­a­se agreement to the far­mers as the land is e­ar­mar­ked for hou­sing de­ve­lop­ment. Du­ring the next two y­e­ars, the De­part­ment of Ru­ral De­ve­lop­ment and Land Re­form, to­get­her with the Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, will en­de­a­vour to find suit­a­ble land for the far­mers.

S­tan­za G­wi­li­ka­na, who he­ads U­ma­ny­a­no, was hap­py a­bout the news. “We are ex­ci­ted that we fi­nal­ly ha­ve mo­re cer­tain­ty a­bout our fu­tu­re.

"It has been a long ti­me. We wel­co­me the fact that we will be re­lo­ca­ted.

"T­he­re is no se­cu­ri­ty w­he­re we are far­ming now and we suf­fer be­cau­se of li­ves­tock theft. The dif­fe­rent de­part­ments will be wor­king to­get­her to help with the pro­cess and we fo­re­see that we will ha­ve bet­ter in­fra­struc­tu­re and se­cu­ri­ty on the new land.”

We wel­co­me the fact that we will be re­lo­ca­ted.

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