An­gie’s G S­pot de­mo­lis­hed

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The o­w­ners of the po­pu­lar An­gie’s G S­pot star­ted dis­mant­ling se­ver­al buil­dings on the pro­per­ty fol­lo­wing a de­mo­li­ti­on or­der is­su­ed by the sher­iff in Ge­or­ge. Ha­rold and An­gie Beau­mont are the o­w­ners of An­gie’s G S­pot in De Vlugt, w­he­re they ran a pub, re­stau­rant and ac­com­mo­da­ti­on for vi­si­tors tra­vel­ling al­ong the sce­nic P­rin­ce Alf­red Pass ro­ad be­t­ween U­ni­on­da­le and Knys­na. They we­re or­de­red last y­e­ar to stop bu­si­ness tra­ding and to re­mo­ve all struc­tu­res dee­med il­le­gal by the Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty. The mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty obtai­ned a court or­der on 15 Fe­bru­a­ry last y­e­ar in which the Beau­m­onts we­re or­de­red to stop tra­ding. Af­ter dis­mant­ling one of the buil­dings in March last y­e­ar the Beau­m­onts ho­we­ver de­ci­ded to op­po­se the or­der and ha­ve con­ti­nu­ed the bu­si­ness, which was their so­le in­co­me, wit­hout de­mo­lis­hing any mo­re buil­dings. T­his all ca­me to a grin­ding halt last week w­hen the sher­iff ser­ved them with a no­ti­ce of de­mo­li­ti­on. Three of­fi­ci­als of the sher­iff’s of­fi­ce in Ge­or­ge we­re at An­gie’s G S­pot on Mon­day to en­s­u­re that il­le­gal struc­tu­res we­re re­mo­ved. The Beau­m­onts main­tain that t­he­re is a ven­det­ta a­gainst them from a neig­hbour who wants to see them c­lo­se do­wn.

An ex­as­pe­ra­ted Ha­rold Beau­mont with of­fi­ci­als from the sher­rif’s of­fi­ce.

E­ver­yo­ne in­vol­ved with the Wik­kel­wurms pro­ject is o­ver­joy­ed at the new Wen­dy hou­se class­room do­na­ted by Sas­bo SWD. At the han­do­ver we­re, back from left: Ma­ri­us Koen (Sas­bo), Ma­ri­ke de Wet (Sas­bo), Pe­ter Par­ker (Sas­bo), Ma­de­lei­ne Mey­er (CEO of...

P­ho­tos: Han­nes Vis­ser

Ha­rold and a hel­per dis­mant­le the re­stau­rant and pub.

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