Litt­le on­es share their Mot­her’s Day sur­pri­ses

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Br­ü­mil­da Swart­booi and Sa­let­te Cloe­te

Mot­hers all a­cross South-A­fri­ca will be ce­le­bra­ted for their nur­tu­ring na­tu­re and con­tri­bu­ti­on to their fa­mi­lies on Mot­her's

Day, Sun­day 13 May. Ge­or­ge He­rald as­ked a few litt­le on­es how they will be ma­king their mot­hers' day spe­ci­al t­his Mot­her's Day and their wit and cre­a­ti­vi­ty is cu­te­ness o­ver­lo­ad.

From let­ters to cho­co­la­tes, t­he­se litt­le on­es cer­tain­ly ha­ve a few tricks and i­de­as up their sleeve. A­bi­gail Swart­booi (7) says she will sur­pri­se her mot­her, Sa­rie, with bre­ak­fast in bed and a cho­co­la­te. Jo­a­nie-Kay Men­toor (6) is still thin­king a­bout w­hat to buy her mot­her, Jo-Ann, for Mot­her’s Day.

S­hand­rey Men­toor (10) said she will wri­te her mot­her, De­bo­rah, a let­ter for Mot­her’s Day. She ad­ded that her mot­her is spe­ci­al be­cau­se she ca­res a­bout ot­her pe­op­le.

Mi­la de K­lerk (7) said she lo­ves her mot­her, Tru­die, be­cau­se she ta­kes her to ni­ce pla­ces af­ter s­chool. As a gift to her mot­her Mi­la will cle­an her room on Mot­her’s Day. Jos­hua Mur­ray said his mot­her, C­ha­nell, is very spe­ci­al. “She hugs me e­very day...

Mens­lee-Kay Da­mons (6) plans to buy her mot­her, Esmé, cho­co­la­tes.

Se­re­na Bos­hoff shows off her Mot­her’s Day card she ma­de for her mot­her, Rox­an­ne.

P­ho­tos: Br­ü­mil­da Swart­booi

I­saac Do­min­go (8) said, “My mot­her (Re­bec­ca) is very fun­ny and I lo­ve her. I will wri­te her a ni­ce let­ter, and may­be gi­ve her so­mething sweet with the let­ter.”

Ja­ke P­heif­fer (7) said his mot­her, Be­ver­ley, is spe­ci­al be­cau­se she gi­ves him lots of hugs. For Mot­her’s Day, Ja­ke plans to ta­ke his mot­her so­mew­he­re.

Ti­mothy Jou­bert will buy his mot­her, Ju­lia, cho­co­la­te for Mot­her’s Day.

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