Fun lunch, aucti­on for the worthy cau­se of Au­tism

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Lin­da S­parg

You can help the worthy cau­se of sup­por­ting Al­z­hei­mer's pa­tients whi­le get­ting rid of un­wan­ted "stuff" at the sa­me ti­me. The Sout­hern Ca­pe branch of Al­z­hei­mer's SA is hol­ding a fun­drai­sing lunch and aucti­on on Sa­tur­day 26 May and would be ex­tre­me­ly gra­te­ful to re­cei­ve un­nee­ded i­tems that will com­mand a high pri­ce at aucti­on. If you can­not at­tend, you can still do­na­te your "stuff" be­fo­re­hand.

The Al­z­hei­mer's SA Sout­hern Ca­pe vo­lun­teers train ca­rers at frail ca­re ho­mes, of­fer coun­sel­ling in the ho­me and o­ver the te­lep­ho­ne, gi­ve ad­vi­ce on ca­ring for pa­tients and or­ga­ni­se talks on Al­z­hei­mer's to e­du­ca­te friends and fa­mi­ly of suf­fe­rers. Funds is nee­ded to pay for their pe­trol and te­lep­ho­ne cos­ts and the prin­ting of their trai­ning ma­nu­als.

I­tems you can bring to be aucti­o­ned:

That moun­tain bi­ke you no lon­ger need be­cau­se you boug­ht a bet­ter one.

Per­haps you do­wn­si­zed and don't ha­ve spa­ce for your pain­tings or Per­si­an rugs.

Je­wel­le­ry that no lon­ger has sen­ti­men­tal va­lue.

Do you ha­ve a col­lecti­on of vin­ta­ge or ot­her cars? Why not aucti­on one? Bring it to the par­king lot at the O­ch­re Ve­nue at Café Gan­net for e­ver­yo­ne to view.

A spa­re mo­tor­cy­cle you no lon­ger ri­de. Fan­cy kit­chen or ho­me gi­z­mos that ot­hers will en­joy.

All i­tems must be in good wor­king or­der and at­tracti­ve for po­ten­ti­al bid­ders. Ex­pect so­me sur­pri­ses on the day, be­cau­se you may wish to bid on an "ex­pe­rien­ce" you will en­joy, not an i­tem. V­re­de­be­st Aucti­o­neers in Mos­sel Bay has kind­ly agreed to do the aucti­on for free.


The fun e­vent will ta­ke pla­ce at the O­ch­re Ve­nue at the Café Gan­net Re­stau­rant in Mos­sel Bay at 12:00 on Sa­tur­day 26 May. Tic­kets for the lunch cost R170. To book your pla­ce, con­tact Het­tie T­heron on

082 699 7600 / 044 877 0417. Book­ing is es­sen­ti­al and should be do­ne by F­ri­day 18 May. Mo­ney for lunch tic­kets can be de­po­si­ted in­to the ac­count: Al­z­hei­mer's SA, Ab­sa bank, 925 609 5672, Branch 632 005, u­sing your na­me and sur­na­me as re­fe­ren­ce. P­le­a­se e-mail p­roof of pay­ment to ma­na­gersc@ alz­hei­

If you can­not at­tend but would li­ke to sup­port Al­z­hei­mer's SA, you are wel­co­me to ma­ke a do­na­ti­on. W­hen you e-mail p­roof of pay­ment, p­le­a­se pro­vi­de your con­tact de­tails.

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