Ge­or­ge a red card

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A la­te i­tem on the pos­si­ble sus­pen­si­on of Bo­tha was wit­h­dra­wn at the coun­cil meeting on 9 May. Ac­cor­ding to in­for­ma­ti­on, the Ge­or­ge coun­cil re­fu­ses to sus­pend

Bo­tha be­fo­re the Ha­wks con­clu­de their in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

Ge­or­ge S­pea­ker Ger­rit P­re­to­ri­us told the Ge­or­ge He­rald that t­hey are not in­ves­ti­ga­ting al­le­ga­ti­ons a­gainst Bo­tha and the­re­fo­re sus­pen­si­on is not being con­si­de­red. He said the Ge­or­ge Municipality ha­sn't re­cei­ved any writ­ten notice on being pla­ced un­der ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on, and re­fer­red to the pro­cess that needs to ta­ke pla­ce for such me­a­su­res. Bo­tha hadn’t re­spon­ded to en­qui­ries by the ti­me of going to print.

In­ves­ti­ga­ti­on on the mo­ve

Me­an­w­hi­le, Cap­tain P­hi­la­ni N­kwa­la­se, spo­kes­per­son of the Ha­wks, said the in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on is re­cei­ving the ne­ces­sa­ry at­ten­ti­on from their com­mer­ci­al cri­me u­nit. "The in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on is on­going. W­hen the ti­me is rig­ht we will is­sue a sta­te­ment, and of cour­se na­me and shame the per­pe­tra­tors," he said.

DA Re­gi­o­nal Chairperson Ja­co Londt said the Re­gi­o­nal Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee's re­quest for the sus­pen­si­on of the ma­yor, as well as Naik's re­spon­se, will be con­si­de­red at the next Pro­vin­ci­al Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee meeting sche­du­led for 21 May. Naik is cur­rent­ly on le­a­ve until 25 May.

"W­hat's hap­pe­ning in Ge­or­ge is not accep­ta­ble in any way and needs to be cor­rected as soon as pos­si­ble," said

Londt. "All the coun­cil­lors in the Ge­or­ge Municipality, ir­re­specti­ve of par­ty af­fi­li­a­ti­on, should do w­hat is ex­pected of them in terms of the re­le­vant le­gis­la­ti­on to act a­gainst the MM and the ma­yor. The coun­cil­lors' acti­ons or in­acti­on will then be es­ca­la­ted as is re­qui­red."

Coup d'é­tat

Ac­cor­ding to a trus­t­worthy sour­ce, eig­ht DA coun­cil­lors are al­so “ap­plying their minds”, and are con­si­de­ring a hook-up with op­po­si­ti­on par­ties to ta­ke o­ver Coun­cil. Ap­pa­rent­ly, so­me of the coun­cil­lors are im­pli­ca­ted in the in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on. "Ge­or­ge is be­co­ming li­ke Oudts­hoorn be­fo­re 2013," said the sour­ce.

ANC chief whip No­ma­wet­hu Jan­tjies con­fir­med that the ANC has al­re­a­dy pla­ced a mo­ti­on of no con­fi­den­ce in the ma­yor, de­pu­ty ma­yor (C­har­lot­te Clar­ke) and s­pea­ker.

A Spe­ci­al Coun­cil Meeting is sche­du­led for Tu­es­day 29 May, to ta­ble the 2018/2019 budget, with a ge­ne­ral coun­cil meeting on T­hurs­day 31 May.

P­ho­tos: Mi­chel­le Pie­naar

Mi­nis­ter of Trans­port Do­nald Grant (rig­ht), and the DA’s le­a­der in the We­stern Ca­pe, Bong­in­ko­si Ma­di­ki­ze­la. Grant said his col­le­a­gue, An­ton B­re­dell, has “ap­p­lied his mind” and de­ci­ded to pla­ce Ge­or­ge un­der ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on.

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