Joy ri­de ends in tra­ge­dy in pass

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Pau­li­ne Lou­rens

W­hat would ha­ve been a ple­a­sant joy ri­de en­ded in sad­ness w­hen an a­vid Sed­ge­field mo­tor­bi­ke ri­der, Ju­les Ab­sil­lis (67), lost con­t­rol of his BMW

GS, cras­hed and died in the Ou­te­ni­qua Pass on Sun­day 13 May. “We had just had our u­su­al Sun­day ri­de and piz­za and we­re on our way back ho­me at 12:00 w­hen the accident hap­pe­ned,” said one of his be­st friends, Ed­die Trauschwei­zer, who found him lying next to the ro­ad.

Ab­sil­lis was al­re­a­dy de­ad. Just mo­ments be­fo­re, Ed­die had tur­ned a­round and go­ne in se­arch of Ab­sil­lis w­hen he could not see him and Tess, his gi­r­lf­riend, be­hind him a­ny­mo­re. “We think he had a black-out and lost con­t­rol of his bi­ke. He had been suf­fe­ring from he­art pro­blems for three y­e­ars. Three weeks ago he had a pro­ce­du­re do­ne but he was as keen as al­ways to join us on our u­su­al Sun­day ri­de out to a lo­cal re­stau­rant. He was a gre­at guy, al­ways friend­ly and well­li­ked and re­a­dy to gi­ve sup­port. He lo­ved the out­doors. We had been friends for o­ver 30 y­e­ars.”

At the sce­ne of the accident, ne­ar the Mon­ta­gu Pass turn-off, Ed­die found the bus­hes ne­ar­by flat­te­ned and gat­he­red that Ab­sil­lis had swer­ved off the ro­ad on­to the em­bank­ment and then back on­to the ce­men­ted ro­ad draina­ge chan­nel, w­he­re he had cras­hed to a halt.

Ab­sil­lis’s gi­r­lf­riend Tess Di­di­ro, who was pil­li­on ri­ding, was hur­led off the bi­ke. She had sus­tai­ned in­ju­ries and Me­tro am­bu­lan­ce ser­vi­ces took her to the Ge­or­ge Hos­pi­tal for X-rays.

His Sed­ge­field and Ge­or­ge mo­tor­bi­ke friends, in­clu­ding Ed­die, his wi­fe Ruth, and Ro­nald Ras­chke, stay­ed for a mo­ment of re­mem­bran­ce in the pass. Be­fo­re Ab­sil­lis e­mi­gra­ted to South A­fri­ca he had o­w­ned re­stau­rants in Bel­gi­um. He o­w­ned an Ai­rbnb at Myo­li Be­ach in Sed­ge­field. He le­a­ves be­hind a six-y­e­ar-old son. Fu­ne­ral ar­ran­ge­ments we­re not yet kno­wn at the ti­me of going to print. The po­li­ce, traf­fic and three am­bu­lan­ce ser­vi­ces we­re at the sce­ne. The accident hap­pe­ned in a straig­ht secti­on of the pass on a do­wn­wards bound la­ne.

P­ho­to: Pau­li­ne Lou­rens

Ju­les Ab­sil­lis The BMW bi­ke be­lon­ging to Ju­les Ab­sil­lis was lo­a­ded on­to a bak­kie whi­le of­fi­ci­als cle­a­red the ro­ad.

Sed­ge­fiel­der Ju­les Ab­si­lis, ex-pa­tri­ot of Bel­gi­um, was on a fun mo­tor­bi­ke ri­de do­wn the Ou­te­ni­qua pass w­hen he lost con­t­rol and died on Sun­day.

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