Gol­fer Jo­seph Booy­sen de­ser­ves ho­no­ra­ry mem­bers­hip

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Ge­or­ge Golf Club has pro­po­sed stalwart Jo­seph Booy­sen, who joi­ned the club in 1984, as ho­no­ra­ry mem­ber for ren­de­ring out­stan­ding ser­vi­ce in the club's ju­ni­or de­ve­lop­ment pro­gram­me o­ver the y­e­ars. W­hen this en­ter­pri­se, star­ted by the

South A­fri­can Golf De­ve­lop­ment Bo­ard in 2004, floun­de­red, it was de­ci­ded that the club would in­de­pen­dent­ly con­ti­nue ad­ding va­lue to the­se child­ren's li­ves. Booy­sen is re­cog­ni­sed and be­lo­ved by the child­ren from dis­ad­van­ta­ged a­re­as such as Bor­cherds, Con­vil­le and Ro­se­moor. A­part from golf, Booy­sen te­a­ches the child­ren li­fe skills, sho­wing them that the dis­ci­pli­ne of golf spre­ads in­to s­chool and li­fe and in­tro­du­ces them to new op­por­tu­ni­ties. He in­spi­res them to be­co­me w­hat t­hey dre­am of, and you can be cer­tain that, if you see the kids sit­ting next to the chip­ping g­reen and he­ar Jo­seph tal­king to them, he is te­a­ching them a li­fe les­son. He has co­a­ched and ca­red for li­te­ral­ly hund­reds of child­ren o­ver the past 14 y­e­ars, al­so seeing to it that t­hey ha­ve food and sa­fe trans­port to the golf club. Jo­seph is the for­ce be­hind the o­pe­ning of the dri­ving ran­ge in Ro­se­moor, a pro­ject that took three y­e­ars to get off the ground. His le­ga­cy will re­main with the­se kids e­ven if t­hey don't car­ry on playing golf.

Though the pro­gram­me was al­ways a­bout mo­re than just golf, the­re ha­ve been ma­ny success sto­ries. Frank­lin Man­chest, who was one of the first in­ta­kes, has re­pre­sen­ted Sout­hern Ca­pe at ju­ni­or and se­ni­or le­vel, is a mem­ber of the Er­nie Els Foun­da­ti­on and has re­pre­sen­ted South A­fri­ca at na­ti­o­nal le­vel. The win­ner of the 2018 C Di­vi­si­on Club Cham­pi­ons­hip, De­von T­wigg, with Jo­seph as cad­die, has been in the pro­gram­me for on­ly 2 y­e­ars.

Jo­seph is still re­mem­be­red for his fan­tas­tic win of the Ge­or­ge Golf Club A Di­vi­si­on cham­pi­ons­hip in 1988, hit­ting a fi­ve i­ron from 170m o­ver the g­reen al­most to the midd­le of the 9th fair­way. He re­pre­sen­ted the Ge­or­ge Golf Club A and B le­a­gue te­ams for ma­ny y­e­ars and has re­pre­sen­ted the Sout­hern Ca­pe. Jo­seph's cha­rac­ter is re­flected by his de­ci­si­on in 1989 to gi­ve up his pla­ce in this te­am as he felt that his golf was not up to scra­tch. The te­am en­ded win­ning the SACD tou­r­na­ment that y­e­ar. Jo­seph e­pi­to­mi­ses pas­si­on for the ga­me and his le­ga­cy will be long re­mem­be­red.

Jo­seph Booy­sen

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