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It is said that a bott­le of wi­ne should al­ways be a shared ex­pe­rien­ce. It should al­so be cor­rect­ly pai­red.

At their tren­dy, in­vi­ting tas­ting room, Hout­bosch Wi­ne & Craft Beer of­fers ex­act­ly this - an un­f­or­get­ta­ble wi­ne or beer tas­ting ex­pe­rien­ce, with va­ri­ous pai­ring op­ti­ons, that you can s­ha­re with fa­mi­ly and friends at the po­pu­lar Red­ber­ry Farm in Geel­hout­boom, Blan­co.

With a de­lec­ta­ble va­ri­e­ty of lo­cal wi­nes and craft beers the Hout­bosch te­am of­fers a brand that is not on­ly an as­set for the Gar­den Rou­te but one the com­mu­ni­ty can be proud of and call their own - yes, all their wi­nes are ma­de from lo­cal­ly gro­wn gra­pes in the Ge­or­ge a­rea, ma­king Hout­bosch a wi­ne lo­cal to


Win­ter spe­ci­als and plat­ters

Win­ter is slo­w­ly set­ting in and as part of their Win­ter Won­der­land spe­ci­als, cu­s­to­mers can en­joy a first-of-its-kind cho­co­la­te and stra­w­ber­ry fon­due wi­ne pai­ring or a free bott­le of wi­ne with e­very ca­se t­hey buy.

Thrill your tas­te buds with one of their plat­ters ma­de from on­ly the fi­nest lo­cal in­gre­dients, ca­re­ful­ly cho­sen to per­fect­ly com­ple­ment their ran­ge of wi­nes and craft beers to en­s­u­re a wor­ld-class cu­li­na­ry ex­pe­rien­ce.

The wi­nes

Wi­nes ran­ge from a frui­ty Sau­vig­non Blanc, a well-roun­ded C­har­don­nay to a full bo­died Ca­ber­net Sau­vig­non, not f­or­get­ting their 2016 King Ge­or­ge li­mi­ted e­di­ti­on.

With plans in the pi­peli­ne to ex­pand their tra­ding pre­mi­ses with a new buil­ding, Hout­bosch will host p­ri­va­te wi­ne tas­ting and ot­her so­ci­al e­vents. Ple­a­se no­te that book­ings are es­sen­ti­al for e­vents or big groups.

The beer

A­mong the craft beer you can try their CBC Ras­p­ber­ry Kry­stal Weiss, with re­fres­hing frui­ty fla­vours fi­nis­hed with a lig­ht bit­ter­ness, or be bold and ha­ve a tas­te of De­vil's Pe­ak, a lig­ht gol­den ale with a smooth fi­nish and no harsh bit­ter­ness or astrin­gen­cy.

For the full fa­mi­ly ex­pe­rien­ce, vi­sit Hout­bosch at Red­ber­ry Farm.

En­joy scrump­ti­ous piz­zas and ot­her de­li­ca­cies, ta­ke a ri­de on the mi­ni­a­tu­re train, the Red­ber­ry Ex­press, and round off your day picking fresh stra­w­ber­ries or en­joying a wi­ne tas­ting at Hout­bosch.

A day spent at

Hout­bosch is ti­me well spent, a ti­me w­hen fond me­mo­ries are cre­a­ted and sto­ries col­lected to ta­ke ho­me.

Con­tact them

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on con­tact Hout­bosch Wi­ne & Craft Beer on 066 218 6321 or send an e-mail to in­fo@hout­bosch.com.

Tra­ding hours are Mon­day to Sa­tur­day from 09:00 to 17:00. Clo­sed on Sun­days.

Hout­bosch Wi­ne & Craft beer al­so of­fers free de­li­very in Ge­or­ge and sur­rounds.

At its tren­dy, in­vi­ting tas­ting room, Hout­bosch Wi­ne & Craft Beer of­fers an un­f­or­get­ta­ble wi­ne or beer tas­ting ex­pe­rien­ce. INSET LEFT: En­joy a first-o­fits-kind cho­co­la­te and stra­w­ber­ry fon­due wi­ne pai­ring. INSET RIG­HT: On­ly the fi­nest lo­cal in­gre­dients...

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