He­art­felt thanks to lit­ter heroes who keep Van Rie­beeck Park cle­an

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Ai­vars P­rie­de, Ge­or­ge:

I am a mem­ber of the Van Rie­beeck Park com­mit­tee but this let­ter is in my p­ri­va­te ca­pa­ci­ty. The com­mit­tee looks af­ter the park's main­te­nan­ce and well-being, with wel­co­me help from the municipality. Lit­ter, es­pe­ci­al­ly of the plas­tic va­ri­e­ty, has been a big pro­blem but now seems to be fi­nal­ly un­der con­t­rol. This is part­ly due to an unkno­wn group of pe­op­le who ta­ke ti­me to pick up lit­ter whil­st on their walks. I don't know who t­hey are but would li­ke to of­fer them my sin­ce­re he­art­felt thanks. I did see a group of S­couts picking up lit­ter as part of their qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on pro­cess. T­hey did a mas­si­ve job going in­to the ri­ver and ot­her dif­fi­cult to re­ach pla­ces to re­trie­ve the stuff.

Un­for­tu­na­te­ly, it's not all good news and se­ver­al drums pla­ced to re­cei­ve rub­bish ha­ve been sto­len o­ver ti­me. Al­so, we can't pla­ce bins at the Davidson Ro­ad and Camphers­drift car parks be­cau­se to ma­ny pe­op­le t­hey seem to de­no­te a dum­ping point and get fil­led up with do­mes­tic was­te in black plas­tic bags. The­se bags then get split o­pen in the park by in­de­pen­dent re­cy­clers and the re­sulting mess has to be pic­ked up.

I saw a split bag in the park 2 weeks ago and ma­de a no­te with a he­a­vy he­art that I would ha­ve to pick it up on my next ci­r­cuit. To my de­lig­ht, the next day I found that it had all been pic­ked up and put in a black bag. W­hoe­ver that per­son was, ma­ny ma­ny thanks.

Fi­nal­ly, to the pe­op­le who use the park, the­re is no shame in picking up a bit of lit­ter and put­ting it in the drums. E­ven­tu­al­ly all plas­tic was­te e­ver­y­w­he­re will ha­ve to be pic­ked up a­ny­way, so be­st to practi­ce now.

The park is look­ing stun­ning in the au­tumn sun and is well worth a vi­sit.

Fo­to: Li­zet­te da Sil­va

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