Fi­re sym­po­si­um at­tracts in­du­stry le­a­ders

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In­du­stry le­a­ders from a­cross South A­fri­ca, and from as far a­field as O­kla­ho­ma in the U­ni­ted Sta­tes, are set to gat­her at the Nel­son Man­de­la U­ni­ver­si­ty (NMU) Ge­or­ge Cam­pus for the 12th Fi­re Ma­na­ge­ment Sym­po­si­um from 3 to 5 Oc­to­ber.

The ful­ly subscri­bed sym­po­si­um, which is pre­sen­ted un­der the the­me "From com­mit­ments to acti­on: E­cosys­tems ba­sed fi­re ma­na­ge­ment for ef­fecti­ve di­sas­ter risk re­ducti­on", fe­a­tu­res an im­pres­si­ve list of mo­re than twen­ty aut­ho­ri­ta­ti­ve spea­kers from the in­du­stry, the de­part­ment of A­gri­cul­tu­re, Fo­re­stry and Fis­her­ies (Daff), as well as a­ca­de­mi­cs from the NMU and furt­her a­field.

The pro­gram­me in­clu­des a field ex­cur­si­on to the Knys­na a­rea on 4 Oc­to­ber, fa­ci­li­ta­ted by the Sout­hern Ca­pe Fi­re Pro­tecti­on As­so­ci­a­ti­on, to ob­ser­ve the af­ter­math of the fi­re that ra­va­ged the a­rea in 2017. Al­so in­clu­ded is a s­top at the Den­ne­oord Ae­ri­al Fi­re Ba­se, w­he­re Wor­king on Fi­re and the Ge­or­ge Fi­re and Res­cue Ser­vi­ces are set to sho­w­ca­se their e­quip­ment. T­his will be fol­lo­wed by a de­mon­stra­ti­on of the ca­pa­bi­li­ties of the "Fi­ref­ly" - a techno­lo­gi­cal­ly ad­van­ced ca­me­ra sy­stem that re­lays li­ve foota­ge to the In­ci­dent Ma­na­ge­ment Te­am for as­ses­sment and ap­pro­pri­a­te acti­on.

The sym­po­si­um en­joys the sup­port of Gar­den Rou­te Dis­trict Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, a­not­her key sta­ke­hol­der in the ef­fecti­ve ma­na­ge­ment of fi­re and re­ducti­on of fi­re risk, es­pe­ci­al­ly in the e­co­lo­gi­cal­ly sen­si­ti­ve Gar­den Rou­te re­gi­on.

Ti­aan Pool, or­ga­ni­ser of the sym­po­si­um

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