Who was S­chalk Wil­lem T­heron?

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S­chalk Wil­lem T­heron was born on 2 Sep­tem­ber 1912, the se­cond c­hild of the he­ad­mas­ter of Mooi­ri­vier Pri­ma­ry School in Pot­chef­stroom, and pas­sed a­way at the ri­pe old age of 103 in 2015.

He ma­tri­cu­la­ted du­ring the de­pres­si­on y­e­ars and due to the bad e­co­no­mic si­tu­a­ti­on was u­nem­ploy­ed for three y­e­ars. Du­ring t­his ti­me he wro­te plays and to­get­her with Dirk de Vil­liers and ot­her young u­nem­ploy­ed friends for­med the Jaats (Jo­han­nes­burg A­fri­kaan­se A­ma­teur Spe­lers) the­a­tri­cal com­pa­ny.

In 1935 he joi­ned the ci­vil ser­vi­ce and sub­se­quent­ly wor­ked in the de­part­ments of Na­ti­ve Af­fairs, E­du­ca­ti­on and Ban­tu Af­fairs in va­ri­ous ci­ties in the U­ni­on of South A­fri­ca, in­clu­ding Bloem­fon­tein and Port E­li­za­beth.

He was ap­poin­ted by the then ad­mi­nis­tra­tor of the Oran­ge Free Sta­te, Sand du P­les­sis, as he­ad of dra­ma of

Pa­cofs (Per­for­ming Arts Coun­cil of the Oran­ge Free Sta­te) in 1964 and la­ter be­co­me c­hief exe­cu­ti­ve of­fi­cer.

He al­so acted in a cou­ple of films and did so­me TV and ra­dio work.

T­heron re­ti­red in 1978 and mo­ved to Ou­bos in the E­as­tern Ca­pe, keeping him­self bu­sy with na­tu­re con­ser­va­ti­on mat­ters.

The park war­den gran­ted him per­mis­si­on to pa­trol the nort­hern secti­on of the T­sitsi­kam­ma Na­ti­o­nal Park on a re­gu­lar ba­sis and thus he be­ca­me the first u­nof­fi­ci­al ho­no­ra­ry ran­ger of SAN­Parks. He ne­ver mar­ried.

At the age of 99 he chan­ged his will on the ad­vi­ce of c­lo­se fa­mi­ly mem­bers Me­chiel and Ri­net­te Bos­hoff, sti­pu­la­ting that a trust had to be for­med and all pro­ceeds we­re to be u­sed to be­ne­fit stu­dents in na­tu­re con­ser­va­ti­on through burs­a­ries.

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