T­hem­ba Im­bi­zo tackles gen­der vi­o­len­ce

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The much-an­ti­ci­pa­ted T­hem­ba­let­hu Im­bi­zo was laun­ched on F­ri­day 28 Sep­tem­ber. The aim of the Im­bi­zo is to sti­mu­la­te fe­ar­less con­ver­sa­ti­ons on hu­man rig­hts is­su­es in com­mu­ni­ties w­he­re they are nee­ded most, such as T­hem­ba­let­hu. Pro­mi­nent na­ti­o­nal so­ci­al acti­vis­ts gat­he­red at the T­hem­ba­let­hu com­mu­ni­ty hall to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the di­a­lo­gue on gen­der-ba­sed vi­o­len­ce and c­hild a­bu­se.

A­ne­le Mats­hi­si, one of the or­ga­ni­sers, said t­his y­e­ar they we­re look­ing at how gen­der-ba­sed vi­o­len­ce and c­hild a­bu­se in­flu­en­ce young boys. "A­cross South A­fri­ca's di­ver­se and com­plex gro­wing com­mu­ni­ties the­re is a va­cuum for con­structi­ve hu­man rig­hts con­ver­sa­ti­ons. South A­fri­ca, now mo­re than e­ver, needs t­his con­ver­sa­ti­on, with the shocking re­ports of in­cre­a­sed re­por­ted ca­ses of tar­ge­ted gen­der a­bu­se and sexu­al vi­o­len­ce a­gainst kids.

“The con­cept [of the Im­bi­zo] was ba­sed on the need to cre­a­te part­ners­hips with va­ri­ous s­ta­ke­hol­ders who in­flu­en­ce and ser­ve the com­mu­ni­ty," said Mats­hi­si. "The word Im­bi­zo me­ans 'the gat­her­ing' in i­siX­ho­sa. T­his is ex­act­ly w­hat was a­chie­ved at the T­hem­ba­let­hu Im­bi­zo; the gat­her­ing of true minds and in­flu­en­ti­al in­di­vi­du­als and con­cer­ned re­si­dents who are see­king re­al so­lu­ti­ons to ad­dress gen­der-ba­sed vi­o­len­ce."

He said t­his e­vent is a first of its kind for T­hem­ba­let­hu and it won't be last, as the­re's still a lot of work to be do­ne to e­du­ca­te the com­mu­ni­ty and har­vest a spi­rit of wor­king to­get­her for the g­re­a­ter good.

The port­fo­lio coun­cil­lor for Com­mu­ni­ty and So­ci­al De­ve­lop­ment Ser­vi­ces, Se­an Sny­man, high­lig­h­ted the im­por­tan­ce of un­der­stan­ding that both wo­men and men can be victims of gen­der-ba­sed vi­o­len­ce. C­hild­ren and pe­op­le with di­sa­bi­li­ties of­ten fall victim to both men and wo­men. He emp­ha­si­sed the need to cre­a­te an em­po­we­ring en­vi­ron­ment w­he­re c­hild­ren are pro­tected at all ti­mes. S­ta­ke­hol­ders, in­clu­ding Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, com­mu­ni­ty le­a­ders, the South A­fri­can Po­li­ce Ser­vi­ce, re­li­gi­ous groups, the De­part­ment of E­du­ca­ti­on, acti­vist groups, me­dia, non-go­vern­men­tal or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons and the com­mu­ni­ty at lar­ge, at­ten­ded the e­vent. Pa­nel­lis­ts in­clu­ded Capt An­na­clet­ta Mot­ho­a­lo of the T­hem­ba­let­hu po­li­ce s­ta­ti­on; Pas­tor A­mos Moyi­kwa, a se­ni­or pas­tor and com­mu­ni­ty le­a­der; Li­na­mand­la Pet­se, tre­a­su­rer of the stu­dent coun­cil at NMU; Yo­li­sa Qun­ta, e­di­tor, so­ci­al com­men­ta­tor and aut­hor of We wri­te w­hat we li­ke; a new ge­ne­ra­ti­on speaks; Siy­a­bu­le­la Jen­ti­le, foun­der of Not in My Na­me SA, O­ba­ma Foun­da­ti­on fel­low and U­ni­ted Na­ti­ons As­so­ci­a­ti­on ma­ga­zi­ne con­tri­bu­tor.

A­nyo­ne who wis­hes to part­ner with Mats­hi­si and his part­ner Ne­li­sa Si­nu­ka to furt­her the aims of the T­hem­ba­let­hu Im­bi­zo is as­ked to con­tact a­ne­le@ stra­w­ber­ry­di­a­mond.com.

S­ta­ke­hol­ders, from left: Ne­li­sa Si­nu­ka; Pas­tor A­mos Moyi­kwa; Capt An­na­cle­ta Mot­ho­a­lo; or­ga­ni­ser A­ne­le Mats­hi­si, so­ci­al com­men­ta­tor and wri­ter Yo­li­sa Qun­ta; NMU stu­dent coun­cil tre­a­su­rer Li­na­mand­la Pet­se; and the foun­der of Not In My Na­me SA, Siy­a­bu­le­la Jen­ti­le.

Port­fo­lio Coun­cil­lor for Com­mu­ni­ty and So­ci­al De­ve­lop­ment Ser­vi­ces, Se­an Sny­man.

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