Tou­rism month: Lek­ker in Ge­or­ge!

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Nel­son Man­de­la U­ni­ver­si­ty (NMU) tou­rism stu­dents ce­le­bra­ted tou­rism month with a tour of Ge­or­ge on F­ri­day 21 Sep­tem­ber to gain in­sig­ht in­to the di­ver­se op­por­tu­ni­ties that the lo­cal tou­rism sec­tor of­fers in terms of sus­tai­na­ble careers.

Tou­rism Month is ce­le­bra­ted an­nu­al­ly in Sep­tem­ber, and pro­vi­des a heig­h­te­ned month-long fo­cus on the im­por­tan­ce of the sec­tor to the South A­fri­can e­co­nomy.

The stu­dents spent the day vi­si­ting, tal­king and le­ar­ning from es­ta­blis­hed ro­le play­ers in the in­du­stry, re­cei­ving va­lu­a­ble practi­cal kno­w­led­ge that will as­sist them with fu­tu­re de­ci­si­on-ma­king.

The group de­par­ted from their pic­tu­resque NMU Ge­or­ge Cam­pus, it­self a tou­rist s­top for hi­kers and cy­clis­ts. On the i­ti­ne­r­a­ry was a gui­ded tour of the Ge­or­ge Ai­r­port, a vi­sit to the E­le­va­te Tram­po­li­ne Park, the Ge­or­ge Mu­seum, Ou­te­ni­qua Trans­port Mu­seum, the Red­ber­ry Farm and the Thou­sand Sen­sa­ti­ons Craft Li­quor, Food and Mu­sic Fe­s­ti­val hos­ted at Fan­court. The stu­dents stop­ped for lunch at Oom Bul's Ca­te­ring, an accre­di­ted tou­rism pro­vi­der in Pa­calts­dorp.

The ou­ting, i­ni­ti­a­ted by Dr Ta­ka­la­ni Ra­mu­kum­ba of the u­ni­ver­si­ty's Bu­si­ness and E­co­no­mic S­cien­ces Fa­cul­ty, was ma­de in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with the Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, with sup­port from va­ri­ous in­du­stry sta­ke­hol­ders.

Le­ar­ning can be fun. Tou­rism Ma­na­ge­ment stu­dents from NMU, ac­com­pa­nied by their lec­tu­rers, ex­plo­red the va­ri­ous tou­rism at­tracti­ons of Ge­or­ge du­ring an ex­cur­si­on in Tou­rism Month.

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