Fam­sa of­fers help for ra­pe sur­vi­vors / Un­ce­do la­ma­gorha ohlu­ku­me­zo ngok­we­son­do

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It is es­ti­ma­ted that o­ver 40% of wo­men will be ra­ped in South A­fri­ca in their li­fe­ti­me. The sad thing is that s­ta­tis­ti­cs s­how on­ly 1 in 4 of the­se ra­pes are re­por­ted. Im­me­di­a­te­ly af­ter being ra­ped you may feel dis­gus­ted, an­gry, shoc­ked, phy­si­cal pain. You may feel numb, up­set, af­raid, as­ha­med and guil­ty. You may experience nig­ht­ma­res and not want to be tou­ched.

As a sur­vi­vor of crime, you ha­ve the rig­ht:

to be tre­a­ted with fair­ness and with re­spect for your dig­ni­ty and pri­va­cy; to of­fer in­for­ma­ti­on; to pro­tecti­on; to as­sis­tan­ce; to com­pen­sa­ti­on; to res­ti­tu­ti­on; to le­gal ad­vi­ce.

Being a­ble to talk to so­meo­ne who un­der­stands is a hu­ge step to­wards re­co­ve­ry. You can call Fam­sa on 044 874 58. Their coun­sel­ling is de­sig­ned to ma­ke you feel sa­fe, sup­por­ted, re­spected and a­ble to ma­ke in­for­med de­ci­si­ons. Fam­sa ca­res. Don't be pas­si­ve and do no­thing a­bout it. The­re is help. Ses­si­ons are con­fi­den­ti­al and free.

Un­ce­do la­ma­gorha ohlu­ku­me­zo ngok­we­son­do

E­m­zant­si A­fri­ca ku­qi­ke­lel­wa uba 40 per­cent wa­be­si­fa­za­ne uyo­fu­ma­na uhlu­kuny­e­zo nge­son­do.int­lun­gu yin­to yo­ba u­balo lu­thi om­nye kwa­ba­ne uy­a­cha­z­wa lomk­hu­ba.Em­va ko­kuhlu­kuny­en­z­wa nge­son­do un­ga­zi­va u­zicap­hu­ke­la,ung­a­fu­ni ku­ban­j­wa,u­nom­sin­do,u­nent­lo­ni,wet­huk ile,us­oyi­ka,u­se­zint­lung­wi­ni,un­ga­za­zi uba kwen­ze­ka nto­ni ku­we,u­be­mom­sin­do,u­zi­tyh ole,ung­akwa­zi ku­la­la.

U­kut­he­tha nomn­tu o­qe­qes­hi­we nok­hat­ha­la­yo si­si­qa­lo send­le­la eya em­pil­we­ni.Un­gat­sa­le­la uFam­sa u Mrs Ma­to­leng­we ku­le­nom­bo­lo 0448745832/0608703210.

I­coun­cel­ling yet­hu y­en­zel­we uba u­zi­ve uk­hat­ha­le­le­ki­le,uk­hu­se­le­ki­le,noku­kun­ce da wen­ze i­zi­q­gi­bo ngo­kup­he­le­leyo. Bu­ti wam si­si wam, mza­li a­wu­wedwa un­ce­do luk­ho­na, siy­at­hat­ha­la kuk­ho IT­HEM­BA. A­kuk­ho hla­zo e­ku­fu­ne­ni nce­do nak­win­to e­kwehle­leyo khan­ge uyi­ce­le.

Up­hat­he­ke n­gent­lo­nip­ho nan­ge­si­di­ma Uk­hu­se­le­ke

U­fu­ma­ne in­gce­bi­so zomt­hetho U­fu­ma­ne un­ce­do

U­fu­ma­ne ul­wa­zi.

Mp­ha­ka­thi ma­sixhas­he a­ban­tu a­ba­fu­ma­ne uhlu­kuny­e­z­wa sin­ga­bahle­ki­se nga­bo.coun­cel­ling yim­fihle­lo non­ce­do lubha­ta­li­si.

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