Help - my child is wri­ting ma­tric!

George Herald - - Back To The Books 2018 -

by My­ron Ra­bi­no­witz

The fi­nal school term has ar­ri­ved a­gain, and so has the ti­me for re­flecti­on. In thou­sands of ho­mes, fa­mi­lies are ge­a­ring up for the last lap of the twel­ve-y­e­ar school jour­ney as one of their child­ren gets re­a­dy to walk in­to the ma­tric ex­a­mi­na­ti­on hall next week. How s­hould you, as pa­rent, sup­port your child?

It is e­a­sy for fa­mi­ly mem­bers, friends and te­a­chers of tho­se that ha­ve wor­ked hard throug­hout the y­e­ar, to gi­ve words of en­coura­ge­ment.

But the­re is a se­cond group of Gra­de 12s - tho­se who ha­ven't put in e­nough ef­fort du­ring the last two y­e­ars - who will be cram­ming in­to the e­ar­ly hours of the mor­ning, le­a­ving the fa­mi­ly in a quan­da­ry as to w­hat sup­port to gi­ve. In so­me ho­mes, ten­si­on will be run­ning high as the an­guish be­co­mes re­a­li­ty and ner­ves fray to the li­mit. The re­spon­si­bi­li­ty is now on the pa­tri­arch and/or the ma­tri­arch of the fa­mi­ly to s­how le­a­ders­hip and calm the si­tu­a­ti­on with not on­ly wi­se words, but wi­se acti­ons as well. Words of en­coura­ge­ment are w­hat is nee­ded, not an a­na­ly­sis of w­hat s­hould ha­ve been do­ne du­ring the y­e­ar. A cof­fee b­re­ak with a qui­et chat of en­coura­ge­ment and un­der­stan­ding will do the trick in ma­ny ca­ses.

The thi­rd group of le­ar­ners, tho­se who know that their pass marks will not al­low them to furt­her their a­ca­de­mic stu­dies through the tra­di­ti­o­nal c­han­nels, ha­ve the most dif­fi­cult task du­ring the fi­nal ex­ams. Ma­ny of the­se le­ar­ners ha­ve un­be­lie­va­ble skills in a­re­as such as the arts, the com­plex IT in­du­stry, sports or the g­re­at out­doors, which me­ans that they will be en­te­ring careers that don't fall within their pa­rents’ fra­me of re­fe­ren­ce. Pro­spects of ex­ci­ting op­por­tu­ni­ties in the film in­du­stry, de­li­ve­ring a y­acht to so­meo­ne in the Ba­ha­mas, wor­king on a crui­se ship, get­ting a pri­va­te pi­lot's li­cen­se or te­a­ching En­g­lish in a fo­reign coun­try can me­an that their full fo­cus is not on the a­ca­de­mic ex­am they fa­ce. Pa­rents' lack of kno­w­led­ge and un­der­stan­ding of the mo­dern wor­ld may be just the wrong me­di­ci­ne. Just en­coura­ge them to do the be­st they can.

Your child has a fu­tu­re, but ma­ny of us don't know w­hat the fu­tu­re holds. So let's just sup­port all ma­tri­cu­lants for the next six weeks - and du­ring the dre­a­ded wait to see who ma­de it and who didn't.

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