Lan­gua­ges can be toy­ed with and en­joy­ed

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Hen­drik le Roux Slab­bert - MA, BEd,TEFL,THED, Mos­sel Bay: On s­treet le­vel I pic­ked up a scrib­bler from a lo­cal school in Mos­sel

Bay: A­fri­kaans K­re­a­tie­we Skryf­werk. The mot­to in

La­tin sta­tes: Lu­ce S­cien­ti­ae C­res­ci­mus. Not kno­wing

La­tin I sup­po­se it says: S­tri­ve to s­cien­ti­fi­cal­ly bring lig­ht (in A­fri­ca). It furt­her sta­tes (in En­g­lish): Be proud... Be po­li­te. And so­mew­he­re in­si­de the te­a­cher had a pa­ge pas­ted: “Bly kalm, en praat A­fri­kaans”(!)

No­bo­dy knows bet­ter than me that te­a­ching and le­ar­ning lan­gua­ges is no child’s play. It is de­fi­ni­te­ly for the bra­ve. But this child le­arns: “so bleek soos ‘n la­ken(t)” - not kno­wing w­hat “sheet” me­ans... (or En­g­lish words li­ke “sleet” & “dis­creet” - which s­hould be taug­ht in a poe­try les­son).

One (cre­a­ti­ve) let­ter by this young­ster re­ads: “Die re­des vir hi­r­di brief is dat mei fiets se ket­ting cam of die yul­le tyd (chain keeps slip­ping [off]).” So­mew­he­re el­se: “was ge­find by vol­we en a tie­re” (Ei­na!). And then the un­na­tu­ral­ness of In­di­rect S­peech!! (Which is in the syl­la­bus from Gra­de 1 - 12. S­tu­pi­di­ty.)

It is high ti­me that we s­top pon­de­ring on but dis­co­ver why ma­tric re­sults are in­a­de­qua­te. OR: why do we le­arn to speak (any lan­gua­ge). Is it on­ly to pass tes­ts/ex­ams? I en­visa­ge a lan­gua­ge cen­t­re: Lan­gua­geAktif, w­he­re child­ren could be hel­ped (if they are wil­ling); w­he­re al­so i­siX­ho­sa can be le­ar­ned - by “Lig­ht” & Co­lou­red spea­kers; al­so A­fri­kaans com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on; En­g­lish sty­lis­ti­cs (in­clu­ding poe­try, mu­sic and ex­pres­si­on). As well As Ha­fing (sic) FUN! in le­ar­ning a­not­her ton­gue li­ke Por­tu­gue­se? (And damn the rest - par­don the ex­pres­si­on, and my F­rench.)

Yes, lan­gua­ges can al­so be toy­ed with, and be en­joy­ed. Ho­pe­ful­ly at af­for­da­ble pri­ces he­re in Mos­sel Bay, w­he­re e­ver­y­thing ri­ses, ex­cept ho­pe.

In­te­rested par­ti­ci­pants, pa­rents, part­ners, and pu­pils/ lan­gua­ge le­ar­ners (in­clu­ding a­dults) can con­tact me by sms: 072 839 3488. We are not up and run­ning, yet. But flex­ing our muscles. Ari! Xiau! Iyi geçe­ler! Gu­te Nacht... En dan­kie dat u die koe­rant­brief ge­lees het.

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