An e­ve­ning of jazz

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Jazz lo­vers can look for­ward to an e­ve­ning of clas­si­cal mu­sic and jazz with lo­cal ta­len­ted mu­si­ci­ans and sin­gers. Ar­tis­ts are Throy Pe­ter­sen, pi­a­nist and cel­list; Jo­le­ne Kap­pis, mez­zo so­pra­no; Lyn­net­te Pe­ter­sen, mez­zo so­pra­no and Ker­win Al­ber­tus, saxop­ho­nist. The e­vent ta­kes pla­ce on 27 Oc­to­ber at the Dutch Re­for­med Mot­her Church at 18:30. Tic­kets can be obtai­ned at Com­pu­tic­ket at R120 for a­dults and R60 for child­ren.

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