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Ma­gic was in the air with B­ren­don Peel's per­for­man­ce last Sa­tur­day at the Ge­or­ge Arts The­a­t­re.

Peel had se­ver­al tricks, me­mo­ry ga­mes and cards up his sleeve. His s­how, Hocus

Pocus, was well at­ten­ded, with ma­ny young­sters in the au­dien­ce who e­a­ger­ly vo­lun­tee­red to as­sist on sta­ge. His dry hu­mour ad­ded just the rig­ht tou­ch to a me­mo­ra­ble e­ve­ning for child­ren and pa­rents a­li­ke.

In one of the acts he had gro­wn-ups gasp in hor­ror as he squas­hed a se­ries of beer cups, dod­ging a dan­ge­rous me­tal spi­ke hid­den by a mem­ber of the au­dien­ce.

In a­not­her, he as­ked a ten-y­e­ar-old to choo­se a word from a choi­ce of se­ver­al books.

At the sa­me ti­me she re­vea­led her word to the au­dien­ce, Peel sho­wed the ex­act sa­me word writ­ten on a card­bo­ard be­hind her. Jack Gous­sard (9) wro­te his na­me on a card of his choi­ce, on­ly to see it being torn in small pie­ces.

The sa­me card la­ter tur­ned up a­gain to­tal­ly in­tact. Pu­re ma­gic!

Peel, who re­si­des in Port E­li­za­beth, was in turn im­pres­sed with the stun­ning ve­nue. In his own words, he will be back a­gain, lu­red by the beau­ty of the Ge­or­ge Arts The­a­t­re.

See mo­re pho­tos at www.ge­or­ge­he­rald.comB­ren­don Peel with so­me of his young sup­por­ters at the Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce Ge­or­ge Arts The­a­t­re. Back, from left are Ta­li­ta Fou­rie (11), B­ren­don Peel, S­te­fan Fou­rie (8) and JC Bar­nard (8). In front are Kei­ra Tal­jaard (10) and Kar­ma Pie­naar (9).

PIC 1: Kei­ra Tal­jaard (10) pic­ked a book af­ter e­li­mi­na­ting se­ver­al op­ti­ons of ot­her books, and cho­se a word which she kept se­cret. B­ren­don Peel (rig­ht) holds the at­ten­ti­on of the au­dien­ce. PIC 2: Kei­ra re­veals her cho­sen word, “de­ci­de”, at the sa­me ti­me that Peel shows the word writ­ten on a pie­ce of card­bo­ard. PIC 3: Kei­ra can’t be­lie­ve her ey­es. But the­re it is!

Pho­tos: Mi­chel­le Pie­naar

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