Pro­per sit­ting to pro­tect your back

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Exe­r­ci­se is one of the ways to im­pro­ve your phy­si­cal well-being and it aids in g­re­at me­a­su­re to get rid of ai­l­ments, a­ches and pains. Fol­low the exe­r­ci­se pro­gram­me pro­vi­ded by the bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cis­ts at A­ni­ne van der West­hui­zen Bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cist in Ge­or­ge and feel the dif­fe­ren­ce. This week bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cist Me­gan van Huys­steen gi­ves ad­vi­ce a­bout good pos­tu­re.

This week I'll be gi­ving tips a­bout how to sit at a desk and in a car to keep a hap­py pos­tu­re.

At a desk

Sit up with your back straig­ht and your shoul­ders back. Your but­tocks s­hould tou­ch the back of your chair.

All 3 nor­mal back cur­ves s­hould be pre­sent whi­le sit­ting. A small, rol­led-up to­wel or a lum­bar roll can be u­sed to help you main­tain the nor­mal cur­ves in your back.

Dis­tri­bu­te your bo­dy weig­ht e­ven­ly on both hips.

Bend your knees at a rig­ht an­gle. Keep your knees e­ven with or s­lig­ht­ly hig­her than your hips. (Use a foot rest or stool if ne­ces­sa­ry.) Your legs s­hould not be cros­sed. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

Try to a­void sit­ting in the sa­me po­si­ti­on for mo­re than 30 mi­nu­tes.

At work, ad­just your chair heig­ht and work sta­ti­on so you can sit up c­lo­se to your work and tilt it up at you. Rest your el­bows and arms on your chair or desk, keeping your shoul­ders re­laxed.

W­hen sit­ting in a chair that rolls and pi­vots, don't twist at the waist whi­le sit­ting. Inste­ad, turn your w­ho­le bo­dy.

How to sit in a car whi­le dri­ving

To find the cor­rect dri­ving po­si­ti­on, sit up straig­ht and keep your shoul­ders a­gainst the se­at back. Ful­ly de­press the bra­ke and clutch pe­dals with your feet and with the pe­dals pres­sed, ad­just your se­at for­ward so that your legs are s­lig­ht­ly bent.

Your legs s­hould ne­ver be ful­ly straig­ht, as straig­ht limbs are mo­re pro­ne to frac­tu­res and bre­aks du­ring an im­pact.

Ad­just the s­teer­ing w­heel, if you can, so that you can cle­ar­ly see the in­stru­ment pa­nel wit­hout ha­ving to mo­ve your he­ad.

Your knees shouldn't be hig­her than your hips.

Arms and back

The se­at needs to be ad­jus­ted so that your shoul­ders re­main a­gainst the se­at w­hen you rest your wris­ts on the top of the s­teer­ing w­heel.

This ad­jus­t­ment and dis­tan­ce from the s­teer­ing w­heel will en­s­u­re that w­hen s­teer­ing, your arms will ne­ver straig­h­ten and will al­ways be s­lig­ht­ly bent.

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