Con­di­ti­ons al­low for good sai­ling

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With good sai­ling con­di­ti­ons, all three sche­du­led ra­ces for the P­re­si­dent's Trop­hy (se­ni­or f­leet) and the Ju­ni­or Cham­pi­ons­hip could be com­ple­ted at the Ge­or­ge La­kes Y­acht Club on Sun­day.

In the first ra­ce Hen­ry Pai­ne cros­sed the li­ne with a le­ad of 10 se­conds a­he­ad of Mal­colm Os­bor­ne. Da­vid Laing was thi­rd. Ge­or­gou Di­va­ris, who star­ted la­te, was a­ble to ca­tch up to be the fourth fi­nis­her.

In the ju­ni­or ra­ce Se­an Vonk, on a Te­ra Sport, was a­ble to ex­tend a le­ad of four mi­nu­tes a­he­ad of Con­rad Holm (Op­ti­mist) du­ring the ra­ce. Ho­we­ver, this fai­led to se­cu­re a first pla­ce, as class han­di­cap ra­tings gi­ve the ra­ce win to the Op­ti­mist. In the se­cond ra­ce Di­va­ris ma­de no mis­ta­kes, ta­king the le­ad and ex­ten­ding to a win­ning mar­gin of two mi­nu­tes. Pai­ne fi­nis­hed in se­cond pla­ce with Ja­mes Vonk, sai­ling a La­ser 4.7 for the first ti­me af­ter gra­du­a­ting from Te­ra Pro, in thi­rd pla­ce af­ter class ra­tings we­re ap­p­lied. In the ju­ni­or f­leet Se­an Vonk was a­ble to ex­tend a le­ad of fi­ve mi­nu­tes a­he­ad of the Holm Op­ti­mist. This was just e­nough to al­so se­cu­re a win on han­di­cap for the Te­ra Sport.

The thi­rd ra­ce on­ce a­gain was do­mi­na­ted by Di­va­ris with a le­ad of two 2 mi­nu­tes at the fi­nish, whi­le Se­an Vonk won the ju­ni­or ra­ce. His mar­gin of four mi­nu­tes was, ho­we­ver, in­suf­fi­cient to se­cu­re the ra­ce win. O­ver­all, Con­rad Holm en­ded the day with two wins to one.

The Ge­or­ge La­kes Y­acht Club's an­nu­al in­ter­club re­gat­ta ta­kes pla­ce this Sa­tur­day and Sun­day. En­trants from Mos­sel Bay and Knys­na are ex­pected. For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout Ge­or­ge La­kes Y­acht Club see its web­si­te,, or li­ke its Fa­ce­book pa­ge, GLYC.

La­sers at the s­tart of the se­cond ra­ce with Ge­or­gou Di­va­ris (left), Hen­ry Pai­ne (midd­le) and C­har­les Nor­man.

Ve­te­ran sai­lor Bill Tur­ner is ce­le­bra­ting his 84th birt­hday this y­e­ar and still com­pe­tes in the GLYC ra­cing.

Pho­tos: Mi­cha­el Vonk

Ja­mes Vonk sai­led the La­ser 4.7 for the first ti­me, doing well a­gainst the mo­re ex­pe­rien­ced La­ser sai­lors.

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