SWD ta­kes ho­nours in warm-up ma­tch

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The SWD pro­vin­ci­al cric­ket te­am got their pre­pa­ra­ti­on for the 2018/19 se­a­son off to a good s­tart w­hen they de­fe­a­ted Eas­tern Pro­vin­ce by six wic­kets in a friend­ly warm-up fix­tu­re at the Re­cre­a­ti­on Ground in Oudts­hoorn last week.

With Na­mi­bia wit­h­dra­wing from the com­pe­ti­ti­on, SWD's o­pe­ning ma­tch will be a­gainst Bo­land in Paarl from 25 Oc­to­ber. This ma­tch gi­ves co­ach Baak­ier A­bra­hams plen­ty of ti­me to pre­pa­re for a chal­len­ging se­a­son.

Eas­tern Pro­vin­ce, af­ter st­rug­gling on 76/7, pos­ted 152 in their first in­nings, with So­lom­zi N­q­we­ni (36) and Keen­an S­mith (47) the top con­tri­bu­tors with the bat. Brad­ley de Vil­liers (4/30) and S­te­fan Tait (3/14) ex­cel­led with the ball.

SWD pos­ted 227 (all out) in their first in­nings thanks to con­tri­bu­ti­ons from Let­lot­le Se­se­le (53), Ki­r­win Chris­tof­fels (29), Je­an du P­les­sis (31) and Yam­ke­la O­lip­hant (40), for a le­ad of 75.

For­mer SWD bo­w­ler G­len­ton S­tuur­man bag­ged 3/50 for the vi­si­tors.

In their se­cond in­nings, EP a­gain ma­na­ged to re­co­ver from a di­sap­poin­ting 109/7. The re­co­ve­ry ca­me from Keen­an Vie­ra (81) and Keen­an S­mith (39) and e­na­bled them to post 212.

Mar­cel­lo Piedt (4/23) and T­se­po Nd­wand­wa (2/35) we­re SWD's be­st bo­w­lers. With a tar­get of 137, SWD re­a­ched the win­ning sco­re with 6 wic­kets in hand, but the ho­me te­am bat­ted until they re­a­ched 189/9 w­hen the ma­tch was cal­led off. Let­lot­le

Se­se­le (28), Je­an du P­les­sis (31), O­bus Pie­naar (27), B­ren­don Louw (49*) and Yam­ke­la O­lip­hant (30) all got so­me much-nee­ded bat­ting practi­ce.

For EP, Lu­vu­yo A­dam (3/33) was the pick of the bo­w­lers.

SWD's fix­tu­res for the se­a­son are:

25-28 Oct 2018 vs Bo­land 3day and 1day (Eu­ro­lux Bo­land Park)

1-4 Nov 2018 vs K­waZu­lu Na­tal In­land 3day and 1day (Pie­ter­ma­ritz­burg O­val)

8-11 Nov 2018 vs We­stern Pro­vin­ce 3day and 1day (Oudts­hoorn)

22-25 Nov 2018 vs Nort­herns 3day and 1day (Oudts­hoorn)

29 Nov-2 Dec 2018 vs Nort­hern Ca­pe 3day and 1day (Oudts­hoorn)

6-9 Dec 2018 vs Bor­der 3day and 1day (Buf­fa­lo Park in East Lon­don)

10-13 Jan 2019 vs North West 3day and 1day (Sen­wes Park in Pot­chef­stroom)

7-10 Feb 2019 vs K­waZu­lu Na­tal 3day and 1day (Oudts­hoorn)

14-17 Feb 2019 vs Eas­terns 3day and 1day (Wil­low­moo­re Park in Be­no­ni)

28 Feb - 3 Mar 2019 - vs Eas­tern Pro­vin­ce 3day and 1day (Oudts­hoorn)

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