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The Pa­calts­dorp po­li­ce o­pe­ned a mur­der doc­ket af­ter the bo­dy of an unkno­wn man in his thir­ties was found on Tu­es­day mor­ning at Groot­hoek on the Hans­moe­s­kraal ro­ad. The bo­dy, with he­ad in­ju­ries, was found in the bus­hes by po­li­ce of­fi­cers du­ring a rou­ti­ne pa­trol. Ac­cor­ding to the Sout­hern Ca­pe po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son, Cap­tain Mal­colm Po­jie, the man’s i­den­ti­ty is not yet kno­wn. “An au­top­sy will be do­ne soon to de­ter­mi­ne the pos­si­ble cau­se of de­ath,” he said. Anyo­ne with in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout the in­ci­dent is as­ked to con­tact war­rant of­fi­cer Wil­li­am van S­chalk­wyk on 044 803 9101.

Fo­to’s: K­ris­ty Kol­berg

Pa­calts­dorp-po­li­sie se kapt. Lor­rai­ne Coet­zee, kapt. Mal­colm Po­jie (in wit) en ad­ju­dan­t­of­fi­sier Wil­li­am van S­chalk­wyk wys na waar die lyk Dins­dag­og­gend ge­vind is.

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