Cy­clist accepts chal­len­ge for cha­ri­ty

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A­li­da de Beer

Soon-to-be 70 cy­clist Al­lan Mor­ris from Ge­or­ge is ex­ci­ted and at the sa­me ti­me a litt­le ap­pre­hen­si­ve a­bout an u­p­co­ming chal­len­ging ad­ven­tu­re in Ke­nya on his bi­cy­cle.

To­get­her with 75 ot­her ri­ders, he will be cy­cling 500km through the coun­try from 10 to 16 No­vem­ber to rai­se funds for the com­mu­ni­ty de­ve­lop­ment or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on C­ "I se­cu­red a la­te en­try from a can­cel­la­ti­on, so both my trai­ning and fun­drai­sing ti­mes are s­hort," says Mor­ris.

He will be fa­cing he­at, rain, mud, mosqui­toes and al­ti­tu­des of be­t­ween 1 500 and 2 000 me­tres, and his age ma­kes it mo­re chal­len­ging.

"The cha­ri­ty sup­plies all the ho­tel and backup ser­vi­ces in­clu­ding me­di­cal ser­vi­ces and se­cu­ri­ty. A moun­tain bi­ke is sup­p­lied and will be sto­red and re-u­sed du­ring furt­her ri­des next y­e­ar."

Mor­ris says this is so­mething me­a­ning­ful for him to do. "With li­mi­ted ti­me left on this pla­net I ha­ve de­ci­ded the ti­me has co­me to build a me­a­ning­ful le­ga­cy. A pur­po­se-fil­led li­fe is so­mething we must all stri­ve for and re­a­ching out to ot­hers is the best cu­re for so ma­ny of the ills we seem to suf­fer in our ma­te­ri­a­lis­tic wor­ld."

C­ aims to im­pro­ve the e­du­ca­ti­on and he­alth of child­ren all o­ver A­fri­ca. Their pro­gram­mes in­clu­de an em­po­wer­ment pro­ject for wo­men and gi­rls that te­a­ches them how to feed their fa­mi­lies, cre­a­ting their own em­ploy­ment by gro­wing and sel­ling crops. A 'Ba­by Box' pro­gram­me dis­tri­bu­tes ba­by boxes with u­se­ful i­tems to young moms in Nai­ro­bi in an ef­fort to help curb the high in­fant mor­ta­li­ty ra­te. And through the He­alth S­tart pro­gram­me, schools are as­sis­ted in fin­ding ways to pro­vi­de cle­an wa­ter, so­ap, de­wor­ming, ma­la­ria nets, fa­mi­ly plan­ning, food, and trai­ning in he­alth and li­fe skills. All the or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on's pro­gram­mes are ai­med at cre­a­ting sus­tai­na­ble chan­ge.

The link for Mor­ris's do­na­ti­on pa­ge is c­­de/2572. Do­na­ti­ons go di­rect­ly to C­ The­re is a win­dow pe­ri­od of one month af­ter the e­vent for furt­her do­na­ti­ons. For any que­ries, con­tact Mor­ris on 072 063 0228.

Cy­clist Al­lan Mor­ris from Ge­or­ge will be part of a group cy­cling 500km through Ke­nya to rai­se funds for C­

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