Gre­at Brak Ri­ver brings its art to Ge­or­gi­ans

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F­riends of the Ge­or­ge Mu­seum has kept its pro­mi­se t­hat they would bring a new top qua­li­ty art exhi­bi­ti­on to Ge­or­ge ci­ti­zens e­ach month du­ring 2018, says A­brie de S­wardt, chair­man of the or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on. "We ha­ve re­cent­ly o­pe­ned our 11th exhi­bi­ti­on. This month we are hap­py to be as­so­ci­a­ted with the ar­tist group of Gre­at Brak Ri­ver, w­ho­se 21 mem­bers ha­ve a mind-blo­wing col­lecti­on of gre­at pie­ces in the art gal­le­ry of the mu­seum."

The con­ve­ner of the e­vent is Lyn­da Mu­ri­son, an art dy­n­a­mo who paints, te­a­ches, men­tors and or­ga­ni­ses art e­vents in her vil­la­ge. This is the first time she brings such a lar­ge e­vent to the art mec­ca of the re­gi­on.

Mu­ri­son is a well-trai­ned ar­tist w­ho­se works co­ver all gen­res. She is bac­ked up by the well-kno­wn Chris S­pies, w­ho­se work sells na­ti­on­wi­de. S­pies has a fol­lo­wing from as far a­way as Na­mi­bia who are a­vid col­lec­tors of his gems.

If you want to see a tru­ly co­lour­ful dis­play of skill, this is your op­por­tu­ni­ty. Mar­jo­rie S­mit, an ex-art school te­a­cher who u­sed to li­ve in Ge­or­ge and was acti­ve as e­sta­te a­gent as well as rai­sing funds for Can­sa, re­ti­red to Gre­at Brak Ri­ver w­he­re she be­ca­me mo­re se­ri­ous a­bout her art. Her works on dis­play de­mon­stra­te a new and sa­tisfying free­dom of ex­pres­si­on. Her pre­sen­ta­ti­on co­vers por­trai­tu­re, lands­ca­pe and still li­fe.

The works of the re­mai­ning 18 mem­bers of this group are e­qual­ly awe-in­spi­ring. S­pend an hour or two at the mu­seum - it's worth it.

The exhi­bi­ti­on will run for the full month of No­vem­ber. En­tran­ce is f­ree and all are wel­co­me.

Ar­tist Lyn­da Mu­ri­son with so­me of the works on view at the cur­rent arts exhi­bi­ti­on at the Ge­or­ge Mu­seum. The exhi­bit is on for the w­ho­le of No­vem­ber.

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