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My wife and I came across three lions, two young­sters and a large fe­male ly­ing in the road un­both­ered by any­thing around them. What made this un­usual was the num­ber of hye­nas march­ing down the road to­wards them– there must have been 20 at one time on the road and all of them hes­i­tated to close in on the lions. Even­tu­ally, two of the fe­male lions be­gan to ap­proach the hye­nas. Af­ter a short stroll they lay down again. It was at this point a young fe­male rhino popped out from the bush in be­tween the young male lion and the two fe­males. Im­me­di­ately the fe­males were up on their feet pin­ning the rhino be­tween them. The rhino kept its head very low and con­tin­ued on its path across the road. She had been shot three times by poach­ers. One shot had hit her shoul­der and the other her stom­ach – a vet had been able to as­sist in treat­ing the wounds. The lions fol­lowed her for a bit and then the rhino be­gan to chase them away. This hap­pened for about 10 min­utes be­fore the lions lost in­ter­est and calm was re­stored. – Si­mon Webb, Jo­han­nes­burg

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