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A good braai starts with a good fire. Start by build­ing a log cabin. The ben­e­fit of this de­sign is an open­ing at the base for feed­ing in news­pa­per or fire­lighters should it fail to ‘take’ first time.

1. Lay two large logs par­al­lel to each other with a gap be­tween them.

2. Pick a cou­ple of split logs and lay them split-side down across the base logs. Try to fit three side by side but make sure there’s a gap be­tween them.

3. Keep build­ing un­til it’s four or five ‘storeys’ high. Break off splin­ters and pieces of bark (kin­dling) while build­ing, and drop these in­side the log cabin.

4. Light a firestarter and push it into the gap at the bot­tom. The log cabin should take 45 – 60 min­utes to burn down. Then break down and spread the coals, ready for cook­ing.

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