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WE ASKED: What’s the weird­est sou­venir you’ve bought on a trip?

A Bush­man bow and ar­row from a guy in Oshiv­elo, Namibia, dur­ing my army stint on the bor­der. – Derek Cress­well I bought a [carved wood] tokoloshe in Tan­za­nia! – Rhyan Rud­man Didn’t buy it but was given, a small leather pouch with about 100 small pet­ri­fied sharks’ teeth in it in Colón, Panama. – Bianca Pot­gi­eter A cher­ry­wood walk­ing stick in Turkey. I ac­ci­den­tally poked a few peo­ple with it on the re­turn jour­ney to South Africa! – Joyce Ed­wards

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