5 Hold off on mousse

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If you’re af­ter re­ally smooth re­sults, mousses (and gels, and any­thing with hold) work best when ap­plied to damp hair that’s blow­dried im­me­di­ately. Let­ting them sit in hair while it air-dries for even 10 min­utes can freeze kinks and waves in place, ex­plains hair­styl­ist Nathaniel Hawkins. Oils, leave-in con­di­tion­ers and other anti-frizz prod­ucts should be ap­plied straight af­ter your shower.

6 Tackle your fringe first

Do this be­fore it dries wonky. For a sideswept fringe, use a medium-size, round boar-bris­tle brush, and sweep your hair to one side. If your fringe is blunt, brush it from side to side with a pad­dle brush as you dry so that it’s not too flat, says stylist Matt Fu­gate.

7 Know when to use ions 8 Don’t de­flate

An ionic hairdryer flat­tens the hair’s cu­ti­cle, which is great if you want your style to look straight and not at all poufy. But if you’re af­ter vol­ume, ditch the ionic dryer.

The dif­fer­ence be­tween straight and lank is a 5cm round boar-bris­tle brush. Use it to stretch your hair up just a bit at the roots, and then down to­wards your shoul­ders in a slight arc, gen­tly pulling the brush straight through your hair all the way to the ends.

9 Count to four (or five)

If you want vol­ume, let your hair cool for a few sec­onds on the round brush. Pull your hair up to­wards the ceil­ing, and then roll the brush down the length of your hair and back up. Keep each sec­tion of hair wound around the bris­tles as you count, then re­lease.

10 Check your work

Once you think your hair is dry, feel for damp spots. If you want it to last, your hair must be 100% dry or it will frizz and the vol­ume won’t last, says Nathaniel. Re­mem­ber when we said to do any­thing but blowdry sop­ping-wet hair? Fringes are the ex­cep­tion. When your hair is still wet, brush and blowdry your fringe in the di­rec­tion you want it to fall, ex­plains Nathaniel. Af­ter the area is dry, mist it with a light-hold hair­spray, and se­cure it in a crease­less clip un­til you’re ready to walk out the door.


Look for a dryer with sev­eral heat and power set­tings. You want strong air­flow, but not scorching heat, which can dam­age hair. TRY [1]

(R1 599), which al­lows you to work right on your hair­line, as the noz­zle doesn’t get hot.

Hair clips

Use these to get dry hair out of the way. If you want to cre­ate bomb­shell vol­ume, loosely twist small, dry sec­tions of hair, roll them up around two fin­gers, and clip them against your head for 20 min­utes. [2]

(R19.95) grip even thick hair with­out leav­ing tell­tale dents.

Round brush

Look out for boar or ny­lon bris­tles which grip, but don’t dam­age. TRY [3] (R190).

Pad­dle brush

Use this mul­ti­tasker to rough-dry your hair, then again when your hair is dry to smooth and add shine. It works even bet­ter if you mist a light-hold hair­spray or shine spray on the brush first. We like [4]


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