How would you de­scribe your re­la­tion­ship with your hair?

The GLAM­OUR Hair team re­sponds.

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Pn­ina Fen­ster pn­ina@con­de­ Ro­man­tic. As with all ro­mances, we have good and bad days (and nights). When it’s good, it’s very good. For the rest? A plait.


Michelle Brown­lee Smith michelleb@con­de­ Tu­mul­tuous. I keep try­ing to change it (the tex­ture, the colour, the style) and it keeps fight­ing back (with frizz, greys and split ends)!

Art Direc­tor

Ziyaad Bassier ziyaad@con­de­ Con­tent. Af­ter bat­tling my re­ced­ing hair­line for years, I’ve fi­nally ac­cepted go­ing bald, and I’m lov­ing it.

Man­ag­ing Ed­i­tor

Staci Lazarus staci@con­de­ Un­de­mand­ing. I’m lucky that my hair is pretty low-main­te­nance and I just let it do its own thing.

Se­nior Copy Ed­i­tor

Karen Ten­nent kar­ent@con­de­ Love! I’m lucky to have gor­geous, nat­u­ral curls, and I em­brace and look af­ter them every sin­gle day.


Zul­pha Mey­ers zul­pha@con­de­ Ap­pre­ci­a­tion. I have nat­u­rally curly hair, but I of­ten wear it straight, so I ap­pre­ci­ate that it’s so ver­sa­tile and al­lows me to change my look.

Beauty As­sis­tant

Les­ley Mathys les­ley@con­de­ Dar­ing. I be­lieve in try­ing ev­ery­thing at least once. Over the years, I’ve had my hair su­per long and very short, in braids, weaves and more. It’s all about hav­ing fun!

Syn­di­ca­tion and Ed­i­to­rial Ex­ec­u­tive

Mi­carla Lu­cas-kadir mi­carla@con­de­ Com­pli­cated. We have a love­hate re­la­tion­ship: some days my hair is great and does ex­actly what I want, other days it’s the en­emy and ei­ther frizzes up or lies flat on one side and is poofy on the other. The strug­gle is real.

Ju­nior Copy Ed­i­tor

Tumi Mo­let­sane tumi@con­de­ Tem­per­a­men­tal. My hair is al­ways giv­ing me mixed mes­sages. It can go from look­ing like it could trend on Tum­blr to look­ing like it be­longs in a Tim Bur­ton movie – and all in the same week.

Ju­nior De­signer

Sam O’dowd sam@con­de­ Safe. I don’t do much with my hair at all. I ex­per­i­mented a lot in high school, but now I keep it sim­ple – long and straight.

Pro­mo­tions As­sis­tant

Lauren Wil­liams lau­renw@con­de­ Com­pli­cated. I have re­ally thick, curly hair, so I have to use the cor­rect hair prod­ucts to elim­i­nate frizz and to add smooth­ness and shine. And most days, I just straighten it.

Con­tent Pro­ducer and So­cial Me­dia Ex­ec­u­tive

Dan­ica van der Veen dan@con­de­ Un­sta­ble! One minute we’re madly in love (usu­ally right af­ter a visit to the sa­lon), and the next minute, it cheats on me with frizz (usu­ally right be­fore an im­por­tant event).

Beauty Work Ex­pe­ri­ence

Luzanne Möller luzan­nemoller@ya­ Spon­ta­neous. I change my hair when it’s least ex­pected. Now, af­ter ex­per­i­ment­ing with colour, I’m en­joy­ing a blue-black hue. But I’m al­ways open to a trendy new ’do.

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