Glamour Hair - - The Messy ’do - GH

Shinier strands can be yours with a lit­tle heat styling self-re­straint. “A bak­ing-hot dryer boils the wa­ter in wet hair, cre­at­ing break­age,” says tri­chol­o­gist Dr David Kings­ley. So put away the dry­ers and irons, and make your sig­na­ture look a loose, twisted bun like the one on the right. “It’s a chic style that also looks great once it’s re­leased,” says stylist Juan Car­los Maciques. You can make the look last a few ex­tra days by ap­ply­ing dry sham­poo – but only on the scalp. Fi­nally, a weekly deep-con­di­tion­ing treat­ment is a must to help strengthen hair, says Dr Kings­ley. Look for wheat pro­tein and dime­thicone, both of which smooth the hair cu­ti­cle.

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