Self & So­cial Up­staged by my plus-one. Then, how to get a party go­ing, by Eric Buter­baugh

No mat­ter the event, the per­fect guest makes you shine. Or, they could do this.

Glamour (South Africa) - - La Une -

“I in­vited my house­mate to a smart work event at a fancy bar. Ar­riv­ing later than I did, she was re­fused en­trance be­cause she was too drunk (she’d hit the bar be­fore). Af­ter ar­gu­ing with the door staff, she tripped and flipped backwards over the queue rope, shout­ing, ‘I’m El­lie’s friend – let me in!’ just to make sure that ev­ery­one knew she was with me. It was the talk of the of­fice all week.” – El­lie, 28

“I took my sis­ter to a friend’s en­gage­ment party be­cause I didn’t know many peo­ple there. We’d en­joyed the free bar and were hav­ing a dance, when my sis­ter took it upon her­self to shove the DJ from his spot, plug in her ipod and play her own mu­sic. Far from be­ing an­noyed, the hosts and all of their guests loved her playlist. The poor DJ was sent home early – and I was so em­bar­rassed.” – Nina, 26

“My friend Lau­rence is su­per con­fi­dent, so he was the ideal plus-one to bring to my cousin’s wed­ding. De­spite not know­ing any­one at the re­hearsal din­ner, he charmed ev­ery­one from my 92-year-old Nana to the sulky teenagers. But at the wed­ding re­cep­tion, Lau­rence com­pletely aban­doned me and spent the night danc­ing with ev­ery­one else (at one point, they were all twerk­ing in a big cir­cle around him). He was even in the ‘fam­ily’ pho­tos. I swear he was in more pic­tures than I was! The fi­nal in­sult? The bride wrote to him per­son­ally to thank him for be­ing such a ‘won­der­ful guest’.” – Elaine, 32

“At my aun­tie’s 50th birth­day party, my date was hit­ting the buf­fet so hard that my mom had to take him aside and ask him not to eat any more.” – Karen, 26

“My boyfriend is com­pet­i­tive so, in hind­sight, I should’ve thought twice about invit­ing him to our an­nual fam­ily ‘sports day’. He thought he was part of the Olympic team, and tack­led my un­cle so ag­gres­sively in a game of soccer that he had to go to hospi­tal with a sprained an­kle.” – Lucy, 27

“I brought my boyfriend to a house party to meet my friends for the first time. Clearly ner­vous, he got too drunk too quickly. He dis­ap­peared and we found him in the lounge slow­danc­ing with my friend’s gi­ant New­found­land that was on its hind legs. He’s never lived it down.” – Alicia, 26

“Heartily sick of be­ing pitied by my ex­tended fam­ily for be­ing sin­gle, I brought my friend Kate to my niece’s chris­ten­ing for moral sup­port. Dur­ing the cer­e­mony, Kate’s phone beeped in her bag. It wasn’t that dis­rup­tive, but my un­cle is a real stick­ler for that kind of thing. He halted the vicar and boomed, ‘Whose phone was that?’ Then he forced Kate to stand up in front of the en­tire church and apol­o­gise. And then leave. I found her cry­ing in the bath­room after­wards.”

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