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We’ve ruined enough omelettes to know that in­gre­di­ents alone don’t make a meal. And there’s need for tech­nique in sk­in­care, too.

1Use3Put­the right amount

It’s less than you’d think. Look at a R1 coin – that’s how much of any cream you need for your en­tire face, says der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr Jean­nette Graf. Cut that in half for an eye cream. Two pumps of a serum and oil does the trick, and even less of retinol – a pea­sized dol­lop is all you need. Any­thing more risks ir­ri­tat­ing your skin.

2Know4Stick­how to ap­ply

“Rub­bing prod­ucts into your hands first is a waste,” says Dr Graf. “Put a drop on your fin­gers and place di­rectly onto your face.” Mois­turis­ers and anti-age­ing in­gre­di­ents pen­e­trate damp skin bet­ter than dry, ex­plains der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr David Bank.

But al­ways put retinoids on dry skin.“they’re wa­ter sol­u­ble; if they run into a mois­ture patch, they ab­sorb too deeply and cause ir­ri­ta­tion,” says Dr Graf. Or­der mat­ters, too: un­less you’re sen­si­tive, anti-age­ing for­mu­las should go on first, fol­lowed by your moisturiser and sun­screen to seal the ac­tive in­gre­di­ents into the skin.

on a peel

“Ex­fo­li­at­ing can help sk­in­care prod­ucts pen­e­trate 20% bet­ter,” says Dr Graf. “Use a gly­colic acid peel twice a week or, if you’re acne-prone, ap­ply a sal­i­cylic acid one ev­ery night.”

it out

“You’ll need two to three months of col­la­gen build­ing to see a change in lines and brown spots. For acne, it’s eight weeks, since it can take that long for a clogged pore to be­come a spot,” ex­plains Dr Bank. “But if a moisturiser doesn’t im­prove dry skin within 72 hours, go for a richer one.”

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