Oh, babe, you shouldn’t have!

No, you re­ally shouldn’t. Half of us have been dis­ap­pointed by a part­ner’s gift/gifts. Read the­ses 13 sto­ries and weep!

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“A pack of three tea tow­els. Need­less to say, the re­la­tion­ship didn’t last long.” – Har­ri­ett, 29 “Gym kit: all of it – takkies, leg­gings, tops, sports bra, socks. He said he wanted me to work out more. We broke up a few months later.” – Rachel, 31 “A doorstop in the shape of a pug. It was cute, but com­pletely and ut­terly ran­dom.” – Lizzy, 29

“A book of po­etry by pris­on­ers on death row. Fes­tive.” – Charli, 33

“My ex once bought me the same per­fume that his mother wears. Se­ri­ously. There’s a whole load of Freudian stuff go­ing on there.” – Jenny, 30

“Who doesn’t want a fire ex­tin­guisher for their kitchen? It was meant to be a joke, be­cause I tend to burn my food, but you know, jew­ellery would have been nice.” – Amelia, 28

“A fancy cheese se­lec­tion, which had gone com­pletely ran­cid be­cause he’d bought it too early. It was so bad that my preg­nant sis­ter threw up from the stench.” – Kate, 31

“An elec­tri­cal ex­ten­sion cord. His ra­tio­nale: ‘It will be eas­ier to plug in your hairdryer.’ I gave him a strict def­i­ni­tion of what a ‘gift’ was for fu­ture Christ­mases.” – Pippa, 34

“When I un­wrapped a fancy leather note­book, I was pleas­antly sur­prised. Un­til I no­ticed his com­pany’s logo em­bossed on the back.” – Hayleigh, 30

“Years ago, a boyfriend bought me tick­ets to go and see Daniel Bed­ing­field, who I loved (don’t judge – it was 2003). Un­for­tu­nately, they were for 01/12, not 12/01, so we’d missed it.” – Jane, 36

“A copy of Fifty Shades

of Grey with the ‘3 for 2’ sticker still on the cover.” – Katie, 27

“One of those mul­ti­pic­tured frames, with space for lots of pho­tos – filled en­tirely with im­ages of him­self. Not the two of us to­gether. Just him.” – Lou, 27

“My part­ner bought me a lightsaber as he ‘thought it would be funny’. I haven’t even seen Star Wars.” – Camilla, 29

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