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Leg­endary stylist Paul Cavaco shares how to look your best ev­ery time.

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Prac­tise in the mir­ror

“You know why mod­els look so great in pic­tures? They prac­tise. Ev­ery­one feels self­con­scious about pos­ing, but those who do it well know their best side, how to stand, where to place their feet, and how to hold their arms.”

Know your smile

“Do you look bet­ter with a big smile or sex­ier with a smirk? A smile can close the face, so learn how to make your eyes pop open so they don’t dis­ap­pear, with­out look­ing ma­ni­a­cal.”

Fol­low your nose

“No one has a com­pletely sym­met­ri­cal face, and usu­ally the nose leans one way or the other. Find out which way yours tilts, and pose with the light com­ing from that side.”

Hold your­self high

“If you’re tak­ing a full-length pic­ture, po­si­tion your feet 45 de­grees to the side, then twist your shoul­ders to the cam­era – that slims the waist and length­ens the legs. Plant one foot in front of the other and bend your front knee slightly, push­ing against the ground; the ten­sion in your leg cre­ates def­i­ni­tion. If you’re in the mid­dle of a group shot, stick out your butt to make your waist look more de­fined.

Get in a push-up po­si­tion with a folded towel un­der toes of each foot. Slowly lift right knee di­ag­o­nally to left el­bow, slid­ing toes across floor on towel, as shown. Re­turn to start; re­peat on other side. Do 20 reps (10 per side).

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