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One fi­nal thing I’ve no­ticed? De­spite all of the other vari­ables, The Way We Met cou­ples lis­ten to their gut. They of­ten talk about go­ing on epic eight-hour first dates, and many have be­come ‘of­fi­cial’ af­ter only a few days; one woman even in­tro­duced a guy to her par­ents on day three. An­other woman said she felt an “in­stant con­nec­tion” with the woman she’s now mar­ry­ing; she fol­lowed her “across the coun­try” from job to job: she was that sure.

Here’s what I like: these peo­ple took the time to get to know the per­son in front of them in­stead of get­ting dis­tracted by the prospect of the thou­sands of other peo­ple they could be dat­ing if they swiped right. They gave the per­son they were with a chance, and be­cause they did, they felt a spark, and went all in. That takes courage – and no­body falls in love with­out it.

the woman who took the de­clut­ter­ing trend to a new level of aus­ter­ity, hit the top of the New York Times best-seller list with The LifeChang­ing Magic of Tidy­ing Up (Ebury Pub­lish­ing; R257), and she has a new book on the topic, Spark Joy (Ebury Pub­lish­ing; R302). It seems to be the time to clear out some (emo­tional) bag­gage.


Try these easy tricks. Sweep clean “Take ev­ery­thing out of your clos­ets,” ad­vises or­gan­iser Ale­jan­dra Costello. Then al­lo­cate pieces to the ‘keep’ or ‘do­nate’ pile. “It should be a quick de­ci­sion,” she says. “If you’re re­ally con­flicted over some­thing, chances are you won’t miss it.” Pair like with like “Group sim­i­lar items to­gether so you can al­ways find what you need,” says Molly Rain, who works with edi­tors and fash­ion in­sid­ers. Sort your clothes into cat­e­gories, and the cat­e­gories into colours.

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