Me and my BFF

SA per­son­al­i­ties in­tro­duce us to their fab­u­lous, furry friends.

Glamour (South Africa) - - Glamour Sex - Shashi Naidoo

Grant Hinds

Gamer “When I adopted my mixed-breed cat from the SPCA, he was con­stantly up to mis­chief and just loved climbing around and jump­ing off things, so Ninja seemed like an apt name. These days, though, he’s quite over­weight, and maybe not so de­serv­ing of his ti­tle. I’ve even put him on a diet, but it doesn’t seem to be work­ing. I think some poor un­sus­pect­ing neigh­bour is dish­ing out tuna for him.”

Model and en­tre­pre­neur “The mo­ment I saw my Cava­lier King Charles Spaniel, she seemed so re­gal that I named her af­ter the Rus­sian princess Anas­ta­sia Ro­manov. True to type, An­nie is such a picky eater, and only likes chicken, rice and, ap­pro­pri­ately, Royal Canin pel­lets. She’s amaz­ingly in tune with my moods. When I feel blue, she sticks to me like Prestik, ly­ing on my lap, feet or my head! And she re­ally makes me laugh. I used pos­i­tive re­in­force­ment to house-train her, so now on our walks, if I don’t ac­knowl­edge her pee­ing, she’ll pre­tend to do it again, just so that she can earn my praise.”

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