“What we do is so much fun!”

“Build your ca­reer slowly; then peo­ple start to trust you.”

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We all try not to be­come our moth­ers, but it doesn’t work!

I just re­mem­ber her say­ing, “It will be a prob­lem for you if you don’t love what you do. So make sure!”

When did you know that makeup artistry was the path for you?

It’s not about 100% know­ing. But to work be­cause you love some­thing is the best place to come from, be­cause then you’ll do any­thing – sweep floors, help the stylists, the pho­tog­ra­pher. You have the ab­sence of an agenda.

There’s a lot of at­ten­tion on makeup artistry, with whole gen­er­a­tions want­ing to be­come makeup artists.

They’re very lucky nowa­days to be able to know so much, and to see what goes on back­stage via the in­ter­net and social me­dia. But I had no idea! I re­mem­ber at my first show, I was shak­ing the whole time be­cause it was some­thing that I’d never seen be­fore.

What’s your ad­vice to those who want to fol­low in your foot­steps?

I knew I wasn’t go­ing to make money at the start, so I found an­other way to sup­port my­self – I was a re­cep­tion­ist. It’s smart to work that way. Other­wise, you get vi­cious and des­per­ate, and no one wants to work with you. Build your ca­reer slowly; then peo­ple start to trust you and pay you well.

Was it easy to get com­fort­able as a boss? Now you’ve got 50-70 peo­ple work­ing for you.

I just did what­ever needed to be done. I started out trav­el­ling the world with 20 bags on my own, then 40 bags. Then I got an as­sis­tant – 40 bags be­tween us. You just keep go­ing and be­fore you know it, there are 70 of you.

What do you look for when hir­ing?

Pa­tience. No ar­ro­gance. Zero ego. You need to be strong, to be able to work at four in the morn­ing.

Zero ego is a great mantra. You also seem like a real men­tor.

My team has been with me for 15, 20 years; we men­tor one an­other! With­out a team, we’re all no­body.

What made you start your line? Peo­ple have wanted it for­ever.

I was ques­tion­ing my­self, “What do I crave? What have I never seen be­fore?” And the in­cred­i­ble gold that I’d been us­ing was nearly fin­ished, and I was pan­ick­ing. So when I found (a new gold), I had the mad idea of, “Why not just do a line now?” The morn­ing af­ter we launched it, the phone rang non-stop. I was in shock.

So your de­ci­sion about what prod­uct to do first just came from what you loved? Such an in­ter­est­ing les­son about gut.

Yes, it was some­thing which I’m com­pletely pas­sion­ate about. So that when I open my mouth, I’m not ly­ing!

When it comes to di­ver­sity in fash­ion, we’re fi­nally see­ing a broader range of mod­els on the run­way. How do we make it last?

It can’t be only this sea­son. Look at the world! Even if you’re talk­ing on a greed level only, why would you not want to ap­peal to the whole planet? The more diverse the run­way, the more di­ver­sity there is in ad­ver­tis­ing, and the more peo­ple are go­ing to feel in­cluded and want to shop. It’s so ba­sic.

Ev­ery­body likes to ask women, “How do you do it all?” But truth­fully, what do you not do?

I don’t go to the spa or get my hair done enough. I don’t go to the gym enough. But I do take six weeks’ hol­i­day – the whole fash­ion in­dus­try does.

You truly love your job, don’t you?

Re­ally and truly. You ar­rive at work ev­ery day, and ge­nius things are hap­pen­ing. You’re cry­ing with laugh­ter, or be­cause you can’t think of an idea. Some­times I look around the room, and say, “We’re sup­posed to be adults.” Some­one’s thrown an al­mond at you. Mu­sic is loud. One day I dressed up as Darth Vader as a joke, and filled the stu­dio with smoke and walked in. So, we have the best time. I don’t want to let ev­ery­one know how good it is. I’ve told you too much! I should have just said it’s mis­er­able. We never sleep.

So, “Don’t do what I do.”

Yes. I feel bad for any­one who wants to do this job. But I have a lot of fun.

When Pat Mc­grath, left, does makeup at the Versace run­way show, even Donatella wants a touch-up!

Like celeb hair­styl­ist Guido Palau and the leg­endary de­signer Donatella Versace.

As cre­ative head for P&G Beauty, she de­signs prod­ucts and cam­paigns for brands like Cover­girl. Pat is known for her bold and art­ful cre­ations, like this cover for in 2004.

Her in­ven­tions (as here, at Versace) de ne fash­ion.

Her Skin Fetish high­light­ing set was used at the Valentino show.

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