“The women who made me”

The star of Ghost­busters and Mike & Molly dis­cusses her dream team.

Glamour (South Africa) - - Glamour Star Track - By Melissa Mc­carthy


Come­di­enne and TV host When Ellen chose to come out on her TV se­ries Ellen, it dam­aged her ca­reer to the point that she didn’t think that she would get it back. But she did, and she paved the way for women to be able to say, “This is who I am, and I don’t have to act any other way.”

Jane Goodall


and au­thor I saw Jane speak when I was in univer­sity. Hear­ing her talk about her work in the jun­gle had an in­cred­i­ble im­pact on me at 18.

Julie Bean

TV pro­ducer There usu­ally aren’t many women writ­ing on a TV se­ries. Julie has main­tained her­self in a ‘boys club’ so well, and I’m al­ways glad that she has my back.

an­gelina Jolie

Ac­tress and

ac­tivist An­gelina is some­one who could lead a very pam­pered life, yet she’s cho­sen to fo­cus on chil­dren and on peo­ple who don’t have a voice. She doesn’t have to do it; she just chooses to live the right way.


Mu­si­cian When I was younger, I was called Su­gar­cube – like Björk’s for­mer band The Su­gar­cubes – be­cause I looked and dressed like her. I love the vis­ual aes­thetic that she puts into her mu­sic. Start with her videos; you’re go­ing to lose sev­eral hours of your life.

Diana nyad

Swim­mer What a won­der­ful ma­niac she is, right? At 64, she did a long-dis­tance swim from Ha­vana, Cuba to Key West, US. I al­ways think about how many naysay­ers Diana had to lis­ten to. We live in an age where there’s so much tear­ing down of women, so some­one who de­cides not to take that in is ex­tremely badass.

louise Bour­geois

Fine artist I had a big poster in my univer­sity res room of Louise in a dark fur coat, hold­ing an enor­mous phal­lic ob­ject. She didn’t gain fame as an artist un­til late in her life, but she kept liv­ing and mak­ing art how she wanted re­gard­less.

Hil­lary Clin­ton

Politi­cian It’s so im­por­tant for young women and girls to see fe­male politi­cians. And I’m so ex­cited that Hil­lary is run­ning for pres­i­dency in the US this year.

ni­cole Holofcener

Film di­rec­tor She chose a path that al­lowed her to make the ex­act type of films she wanted. Some­day, I hope I can co­erce Ni­cole into let­ting me work with her.

sandy Mc­carthy

Melissa’s mother When I told my mom all of the crazy things I wanted to do, she looked at me and said, “Why wouldn’t you?” I’ve asked her, “Why in the world didn’t you tell me to try some­thing else?” She goes, “You wanted to do it, so I just told you to do it.” I got hit with the lucky stick, be­cause that’s the per­son who en­cour­aged me.

ibra Keep pos­i­tive Al­though you’re ex­celling at work, you’ll be feel­ing a bit emo­tional, so when con­flict arises, try not to take things to heart. Your best work days are be­tween 6-30 Au­gust. Fi­nan­cially, you’re thriv­ing, and you may be deal­ing with other peo­ple’s money – struc­ture it in a prof­itable way that makes sense. Ex­pect great food, ex­cel­lent wine and in­ti­mate nights in with your part­ner. Sin­gle? You’ll be on a sex­ual high, and will feel your val­ues be­ing tested as a re­sult. Stick to healthy ad­dic­tions that will get you spir­i­tu­ally high, like yoga.

23 Sep-22 OCT

agit­tar­ius Let your cre­ativ­ity flow Your ca­reer is in an ex­cel­lent place, and your co-work­ers look up to you and ad­mire your gen­er­ous spirit, so now is the time to ex­press your cre­ative ideas. It will be im­por­tant to get some space from your part­ner to breathe and recharge your bat­ter­ies, and if you’re sin­gle, for­get about dat­ing for a bit and con­cen­trate on your­self. Money wise, pos­i­tive changes are afoot. Look to 12-13 Au­gust for re­laxed days in which to take time out and recharge. Your health will ben­e­fit from car­dio at this time, so grab your gal­pals and get your heart rate up!

C22 NOV-21 Dec

ries Have fun with love You’re fit and look­ing great, but you need to fo­cus on your nu­tri­tion and make health­ier food choices. Your re­la­tion­ship is very sex­ual, and may lead to mar­riage and talk of chil­dren. If you’re sin­gle, take advantage of the con­fi­dence you feel right now. It’s time to be seen, so head out around 2-3 and 30-31 Au­gust for fun and sexy times. You need a more pos­i­tive at­ti­tude at work; en­joy what you do! Fi­nan­cially, you’re do­ing well, es­pe­cially when it comes to deal­ing with big fi­nan­cial in­sti­tu­tions. Watch your money grow!

21 MAR-19 Apr

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