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quar­ius Let pas­sion fuel you The Uni­verse is giv­ing you an abun­dance of cre­ativ­ity, en­ergy and pas­sion to ap­ply at work this month, so ex­pect good things in your ca­reer. Just watch that urge to over­spend! If you’re in a re­la­tion­ship and are try­ing to con­ceive, things will be eas­ier af­ter 14 Septem­ber. If you’re sin­gle, you are set to meet some­one charm­ing, good look­ing and brainy, and this first en­counter could very well be con­nected to a class or hobby. On the health front, go for a check-up with your op­tometrist and be aware of pos­si­ble eye in­fec­tions.

P20 JAN-18 Feb

Tau­rus Spend time with sib­lings Fam­ily is im­por­tant to you, and you’ll want to get to­gether with your sib­lings this month. A good time to do this: around 25-28 Au­gust. You’ll be ded­i­cat­ing lots of time and en­ergy to your ca­reer, and the fer­vour you feel will at­tract great suc­cess. If you are in­volved, you and your part­ner will be hav­ing a glo­ri­ous time to­gether. Sin­gle? You’re giv­ing off a lot of sex­ual en­ergy, so be pre­pared for plenty of at­ten­tion and be open to ad­ven­ture as you could meet some­one special this way. Your only warn­ing: cur­tail your spend­ing!

20 Apr-20 MAY

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