Yes, it’s your smile! So we got celebrity den­tist Dr Nor­man Cahi to an­swer your ques­tions.

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Your smile tells the world who you are,” says Dr Nor­man Cahi, the go-to guy for stars like So­phie Nd­aba. More of his ex­per­tise, here.


Can you fix my skew teeth?” You have plenty of op­tions:

Cos­metic con­tour­ing is when den­tal tools are used for mi­nor is­sues, like smooth­ing rough edges (cost de­pen­dent on needs).

Com­pos­ite bond­ing in­volves the ap­pli­ca­tion of tooth-coloured plas­tic and glass resin, which is then cured with LED light to fill cav­i­ties or chips (R800+ de­pen­dent on needs).

Porce­lain crowns are like gloves, which are fit­ted over de­cayed and spaced out teeth over two ap­point­ments. They’re made of non­al­ler­genic, bio­com­pat­i­ble ma­te­ri­als, but you could ex­pe­ri­ence sen­si­tiv­ity as your tooth is re­shaped first to fit the crown (R4 000-R9 000 per tooth).

Braces are me­tal frames in­stalled to straighten teeth. They also strengthen gums. You need to wear braces for 18 months-3 years, and may feel dis­com­fort at first. (About R25 000 de­pend­ing on how skew your teeth are).

In­visalign align­ers, made of re­mov­able, clear plas­tic, straighten teeth with­out brack­ets or wires. They are changed ev­ery two weeks un­til the job is done (R90 000). Must-have teeth tools.

Keep ’em clean

Us­ing small, cir­cu­lar mo­tions, brush twice a day with an elec­tric tooth­brush, like [1] Vi­o­life Slim Sonic The Stylish Tooth­brush (R299).

Rinse right

A mouth wash helps clean your palate and reaches ar­eas your tooth­brush can’t. TRY [2] Plus White Oral Rinse Xtra Whiten­ing (R39.95).

Shine on!

A home treat­ment, like [3] White Glo Bright Nights Dis­solv­ing Whiten­ing Films (R149.95), can lift some stains. Sim­ply place on teeth after brush­ing and wait for it to dis­solve. And avoid sug­ary, starchy foods, as they cause an acidic re­ac­tion on plaque, which can dam­age teeth.

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