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Glamour (South Africa) - - You You -

… To ask that hot guy at the fes­ti­val, “Please can I sit on your shoul­ders?” #anyex­cuse. … To google “Can you die from a hang­over?” the morn­ing after a big night out. … If your favourite po­si­tion in bed is ly­ing by the plug socket, so you can play on your phone while it’s charg­ing. … To only shave the parts of your legs ex­posed by your cool ripped jeans. … If one of life’s big­gest ques­tions is still “Will I need a jacket?” … To think you’re a le­gal ex­pert after watch­ing ev­ery episode of Suits and The Good Wife. … If you’ve al­ways claimed to hate chart mu­sic, but you can’t help be­ing a Belieber. … To run out of a Spin­ning class with an “ur­gent call” just so that you can col­lapse in the locker room. … To wish that “I don’t want to” was a per­fectly ac­cept­able ex­cuse to turn down plans. Um, not OK… … To dom­i­nate all con­ver­sa­tions with talk of your new diet/ work­out/weight. *Yawn.

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