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Roll with it

Ready for the next retro trend? Foam rollers (we mean the ex­er­cise, not the hair kind) are hav­ing a mo­ment again. Lau­ren Roxburgh, au­thor of Taller, Slim­mer, Younger (Ebury Pub­lish­ing; R300), sug­gests us­ing them for stretch­ing among other things.

To do this, sim­ply lie down and place a roller un­der your thighs, back or waist – any painful area that needs help. Ap­ply pres­sure by push­ing down as you roll over the foam, and do it a few times

to en­cour­age cir­cu­la­tion and to work out the knots and mus­cle tight­ness caused by stress or ex­er­cise. A few rounds of this, and you’ll soon feel bet­ter, move eas­ier and stand taller.

Get your foam roller from Sports­mans Ware­house or Mr Price Sport for R300.

For The flu. Why Elder­ber­ries have flavonoids; an­tiox­i­dants that help stop the in­fluenza virus from repli­cat­ing. While not an an­ti­dote, they can ease your symp­toms. How Mix 1 tbsp el­der­berry syrup into wa­ter or black tea four times a day.


For Cough­ing. Why When you swal­low honey, it feels like it’s coat­ing your throat. This ef­fect keeps post­nasal drip from trig­ger­ing ir­ri­ta­tion and cough­ing. How Be­fore bed, stir ½-2 tsps honey into warm tea or wa­ter – or eat it straight from the spoon.

Vi­ta­min C

For The com­mon cold. Why Vi­ta­min C stim­u­lates your im­mune sys­tem, help­ing you to fight off colds. How As soon as you start feel­ing poorly, take no more than 2 000mg a day.


For A stuffy nose. Why Nasal ir­ri­ga­tion helps with con­ges­tion and post­nasal drip. A saline rinse cleans mu­cous and washes away any virus par­ti­cles. How In a Neti Pot or bulb sy­ringe, mix saline with dis­tilled wa­ter – not tap – and rinse twice a day.

co­conut wa­ter, to bring you the facts you should know.

1Co­conut wa­ter is more ef­fec­tive at hy­drat­ing than sports and en­ergy drinks be­cause it has higher potas­sium con­tent.

Hav­ing to deal with tabloids spread­ing lies just to make sales. Are there an­noy­ing ques­tions that re­porters con­stantly ask you? Yes, it’s al­ways, “Who are you dat­ing?” “Are you fight­ing with…?” and “Are those your real boobs?” Be­fore you step out the house, what three items do you al­ways put in your bag? A cute pair of navy and sil­ver Jimmy Choo sun­glasses, my cell­phone charger and a power bank, be­cause my phone is my life! I don’t like to wear makeup if I’m not work­ing, so I keep a lit­tle emer­gency kit in my hand­bag for those times when some­thing un­ex­pected pops up: pow­der, lip­sticks, mas­cara, eye­liner and blush.

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