Kerry’s staylean rou­tine

Try this mat work­out by her trainer Julie Turner. Do three sets of each move two to three times a week.

Glamour (South Africa) - - Beauty Body Special - Plank Burpees Push-ups

Stand­ing jumps Stand with feet hip-width apart. Gen­tly bend knees, then lift your heels. Straighten legs and lower your heels. Now add a jump after straight­en­ing legs; land softly. Jump for 60 sec­onds, then rest for 60 sec­onds for one set.

Arm cir­cles Tie a re­sis­tance band to a door han­dle and place a mat on the floor. Lie face-up, head un­der the han­dle. Raise legs; bend 90 de­grees. Reach back and grab band in each hand, then pull the ends out to sides so your arms make a ‘T’. Cir­cle arms for­ward 10 times, then back­ward 10 times for one set.

Leg springs Lie face-up with the centre of a re­sis­tance band un­der the arches of your feet. Cross it over the tops of your feet and hold one end in each hand. Raise straight­ened legs 60cm off the floor and pull arms close to your sides. Open legs out to sides; pause, then press to­gether for one rep; do 10. Re­peat, chang­ing leg po­si­tion so heels touch end to end form­ing a ‘T’ for one set.

“Squats work a huge chunk of the body, but mostly the quads and glutes,” says Nora. “I joke with Rita and say, ‘Bum to the grass!’ I want her thighs par­al­lel to the ground, and then for her to go even lower.”

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